Pain Meds and Addiction

Hi everyone I just wanted some info. I take pain meds and everyone I tell and thats not to many that I take them seem to look at me different. they tell me about addiction and trust me I know about that but what do you do when you are in pain and can't keep your legs still and you feel like you are going out of your mind. There are days that It hurts to walk. I am working on my disablity but thats sure taking a long time. I had a good day today and that was great

Dont mind them.I take strong painkillers and i have to not because im addicted to them ,i need them.Im on disability myself.

Hi CindyL and welcome! It is important for us to be as comfortable as we can, it is vitally important in my opinion to work closely with your doctor on pain management. It is good to have a doctor who either specializes in Fibro (such as a rheumatologist or neurologist as well as some general MD's are good) or pain management. For me, I take a whole body approach. I am working hard on alternative ways to handle pain as unfortunately, most pain meds haven't worked for me anyway so I really have no choice. Some things I've tried have helped me and some haven't. Also, I am wondering if you are on any medications for Fibro? Sometimes the right combo of Fibro medications can significantly improve pain levels. Anyway, I am glad you joined the group and I look forward to getting to know you. Hugs!!!!


We all know this is a very individualized disease/illness. I am in pain from my head through the bottom of my feet everyday, though to different degrees from one day to the next. I often have problems walking. I, too, am working on disability and it is a long process. I was a pharmacy tech before I got sidelined by all the symptoms in 2012 and was just diagnosed September 30, 2014. I refuse to take pain meds. My ex-husband was addicted and I have seen what it does to so many. My doctor has me on Cymbalta.

I am having GYN procedures tomorrow and my GYN prescribed ibuprofen 600mg and Percocet 5mg. I told her to keep the Percocet Rx because I wouldn't fill it (Percocet is like taking Smarties candy for me) so instead we settled on a few Tylenol #3. She explained that she definitely wanted the pain controlled especially with the FM. I also suffer from migraines and pain meds cause rebound migraines and they are worse than the pain or original migraine.

The fact that you are taking pain meds is not anyone else's business. The fewer people that know it, the better and safer you are. There are people that will hurt you for your pain meds. Be careful who knows and don't hesitate to ask your pharmacy for a small vial with a duplicate label to carry a few in your purse so you are not carrying your entire script with you everywhere.


I'm glad to hear you had a good day today; it seems at times those can be few and far between and it is nice to hear when we have one : ) I take pain meds as well. I do not tell many people about it because, like you, have received judgement for it. With this diagnosis, people who don't have it really can't understand the different levels and severity of our pain on a daily basis. Sometimes, I get headaches so bad that my teeth ache. I didn't even know that was possible for teeth to ache from a headache. If pain meds are helping you and you feel they help you make it through the day, of course following the prescription information as directed, more power to you! You are your best advocate and know what your needs are. I'm seeking a longer term solution to my pain and chronic symptoms, but pain meds help me currently because I don't have that right now.

Talk to you soon,


I, myself have a prejudicial opinion to Xanax. So, some people may have the same flaw to what you NEED for pain & you know the difference. That is all that matters. You can ignore the "advice", or educate the concerned person. M

how long did it take you to get disability, I have been trying to get it since dec 2013 they put me on ssi then took it from me in april I have had two deniels and now i have a lawyer and waiting for a court date


What you take for your pain is not anybodies business. I am sure your Doctor is aware of possibilities of addiction and will guide you thro it. My Doctor has refused to give me any more pain medication, I am on Amitryptlene ony, because he does not believe this is the answer. So I am going for CBT, cognitive behaviour therapy, and will see how it goes. As I type this, I am in pain, not unbearable but uncomfortable. It seems that is the best to aim for.

Take care, Anne

My 5 year old son looked at my med bag and looked all alarmed because of instead of writing Meds I put drugs and he asked in surprise, "Mommy are you on drugs?" I have been careful how I phrase things to people I know. I don't share it with many. I tell them a have a medication that reduces the pain in my spine or a medication that helps me stay asleep. I have explained that with my condition my body might fall asleep but then wake up several times during the night. Sometimes I will tell them about how the cortisol release is different in Fibro patients compared to normal people. Sometimes I just add, it is one aspect of the disability I have or aspect of fibro