The words Pain Killers are not dirty words

I was diagnosed 5 months ago. My doc and I tried everything. ALL the Fibromyalgia meds such as

Lyrica, Cymbalta, etc., a Lidocaine Infusion, gabapentin, Elevil (which I am still on because it helps me sleep.) I am now on Percocet. It helps my pain. Period. I have a lot of other symptoms such as sleeplesness, fibrofog, anxiety, sensitivity to room temp., almost every symptom you can think of. My very biggest symptom is PAIN. I feel like someone installed a steel rod in my back and neck. Hip and leg pain. The worst headaches and just plain pain. I do excercise but some days nothing helps except a pain killer. I don't believe people should suffer needlessly. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

i feel the same way fibro patients asking for help with shouldnt get us labled but i know for me it has. we live in constant pain and at times i gets so bad for me that my eyes tear up just from the pain yet i get no help.i was in the er last night and the dr refused to give me anything stronger than nisaids which were not helping me when i asked why he said it was cause i have had too many scripts for norco.i was very upset and ended up being sent home in alot of pain with no help.i feel like drs should not look at us like all we want is pain meds and see that we r sufferig and b willing to help us.i feel like drs look at me as an addict and i am not i dont takeor even ask for narcotics all the time only when the pain is keeping me from being able to get out of the house and so bad i cant sleep. i wish there was a way to get drs to understand just how bad we hurt last night i wished the dr could feel my pain then maybe he would understaand that i needed something stronger but here i am wide awake in pain and about to go crazy from not sleeping.

I understand your frustration. Having worked in pharmacy in a hospital before as a technician, I know a lot of ERs are limiting their scripts for controlled substances because of people that abuse these pain killers that come in with nondescript vague symptoms, abdominal pain, etc. I am not saying that is anyone with fibromyalgia. It is just a fact, and the staff in 10 minutes can't determine if you are a "user" or are truly in pain. If narcotic pain relievers are needed to relieve your pain on occasion, perhaps you can find a pain clinic in your area that handles fibromyalgia clients. You will be more likely to get the medication you need at this type of facility as preventative rather than in an emergency department.

My pain varies but my fatigue component is much worse. My rheumatologists have never prescribed me anything stronger than tramadol (which only takes off the edge). I am fortunate that I have been able to endure the pain, or perhaps my case is only moderate. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in finding treatments that work for you. Unfortunately due to the overwhelming abuse of prescription narcotics and the selling of these on the street, it makes it difficult for prescribers in emergency situations to identify those that are in need and those that are faking. Having a physician that understands your pain is probably the best solution to prevent misguided anger or humiliation.

Best wishes,