Pain medication usage

My doc prescribed me dilaudid back in April and I took it very sparingly, only when I couldn’t stand it anymore. All these docs that told me it was all in my head made me feel like I was doing something wrong by taking a pain killer. I had 60 pills and just took the last one on Monday. I asked the surgeon I saw for a refill on Wednesday and he gave me one.

My question is this- why do these sh** a** doctors make us feel bad for taking something that will relieve our symptoms? And why did I deny myself the relief that I so much needed because of their attitudes? Did any of y’all do that?

Now that I have a diagnosis that the docs see as “real”, I am more comfortable with asking for and taking the painkillers. But what about when that problem is fixed and I continue to have the fibro pain? I don’t know. It’s all very distressing to think about. And it makes me mad cuz then I have to suffer when there are things that will help that. Help!

Was the surgeon the one who prescribed you the first script? I hope you find a pain management specialist. They are truely a different bread of docs. Especially the ones who understand or even empathise with your condition. Suregeons, emergency docs and even a lot of general practitioners only see most narcotics especially cat II narcotics as for acute pain only. And don’t want to jepordise their DEA license in any way. They also deal with people who are all none to honest in obtaining narcotics. It sucks that we as truly needy chronic pain patients have to deal with the backlash from people who are all none to honest about their pain just to get pain killers.

Sorry you were put in the position to feel bad for needing something so you can live.


No, an ER doc gave me the first script. I only saw the surgeon for the first time this week after it was discovered I havea tumor in my esophagus. He was good about giving me the script. I asked my PCP about pain management a couple of months ago and he said that he didn’t think it was a good idea. I will revisit that after the surgery to get the tumor removed.

You can thank Michael Jackson and his ilk for ruining it for legitimate pain killer users. It's thanks to them that people who sincerely suffer from pain have to face such scrutiny and a lessened ability to get access to the drugs that they *NEED*. And the irony is that those people will get the drugs illegally anyway!

I don't know the answers to your questions, MBP. Is it possible for you to go to a different doctor, one whom you set the bar with from the beginning, telling him that you are a sparing user of these drugs but DO need them, and he needs to trust you. Otherwise, perhaps you can have a gentle talk with your current doctor, telling him that you feel so good now that other people realize that you have real issues with real pain and you hope they won't mistake your pain for anything imaginary in the future when it comes to getting your prescriptions. Maybe that's still not gentle enough, but something like that.

At any rate, I'm glad you've got something right now to cut the pain. Live for the moment.

Yes, do try a pain mgmt doctor, and hopefully he will help you with the pain issues without the worries of "are you a druggie." Excellent point, Punkin!