Don't be afraid to seek in other places for help

The doctors don't know what to do with us. That leaves us free to seek answers to all our questions online. That has been fruitful so far, to me trying to help my daughter. Keep on seeking, don't give up.


That is so very true..... it seems that the deeper I look the more I learn about different things pertaining to the a variety of issues that I have.... It has been a roller coaster but this ride is better informing than a ride telling you nothing at all.....

Thank you so very much for your insight,

God Bless You


Does anyone know of a study stating that opiates DO help with fibro pain?

I agree! This is an excellent place to come for information and support. What a great brainstorm Ben had when he created these websites.


Have you been to a Rheumatologist yet?

Be careful, there are all kinds of "Miracle cures" online, please know what you are taking, I do feel that a good Doctor is your best chance. Please don't stop looking for the right one!



I think it depends if they can find the reason for the fibro, if they think like my Rheumatologist who believes that fibro is caused by chronic pain. I have injury and disease, have been through all types of treatment and meds, so I have reached the stage where opiates do help me. I have the test results and x-rays to warrant them. I don't know about the patients who do not have that behind them.

This may be a question best answered by your Doctor, though I would imagine that if you ask more than one you will get varying answers and opinions.

Yes, I was put on a pill called tapentadol a couple of weeks ago and researched it. I found that it was recently recognised in this country after being discovered over there and tested thoroughly. It helps nerve pain aswell as muscular and joint pain. It is said to be as effective as oxycodone but wthout all the nauseating side effects, not addictive etc etc. I'm getting on quite well with it atm. I have been started on lyrica too. They need tweaking but much better than surviving on crappy tramadol.

Well said right there!! I hope you can find all the answers you need to help your daughter and yourself. You're not alone. We're all in it together on here.

Bless you

Tapentadol, huh? Well, probably nothing we can get in the states now that the DEA has clamped down on narcotics use, even for those suffering from chronic, debilitating pain.

Tramadol is crappy, isn't it? LOL. Maybe it should be called that on the bottle: Crappy Tramadol - will NOT stop your pain. Take on any kind of stomach because doesn't work so doesn't matter.

Agree so much with this caveot, SK. Too many people selling you snake oil, with all kinds of promises. But I do understand the desire to get something that WORKS when you're in all kinds of pain.

LMAO!! "Take on any kind of stomach but will double you up in nausea in about half hour. Good luck you will need it!"

Tapentadol, is only one up from tramadol, but its better and doesn't give the stomach probs etc. Prob could do better (which I'm working on atm).

I'm sorry your country has now tightened up on your prescriptions. I think its disgusting. This country is not much better to be honest. They won't give out anything stronger than tramadol and you have to fight for every ounce of help you can get.

Crikey, it's ridiculous! Meanwhile, druggies are still getting drugs, no??? While people in chronic pain are NOT. What kind of sense does that make?

And I'll bet that Rush Limbaugh is still getting his Oxycontin, regardless. Bleh!

Ugh! I'd never take something that gave me nausea. No thanks!

Well, my rheumie WAS right. There are no adequate pain meds for fibro.

PS: I have ONE hydrocodone left, I believe. I've been saving it for a day with a lot of pain and am debating whether I should use it tonight or not, since I feel like the Tin Man after a horse-drawn wagon ran over him, SPLAT!

Aww bless ya girl! It's hard to decide whether or not to take pain medication.

You have to consider when you can get another one, whether you can leave the house let alone drive, whether you're eaten or not, what the side effects are, if you want to wake up the next day, if you have work in the morning, if your caring for some one who needs you to be "with it", etc etc.