Number of Medications?

Hi, if it is not too much trouble could my fibro friends let me know approximately the number of different types of medications that you take for only fibro at the present time? I am curious. I only take 2 and it seems like everyone one else is taking a lot more different ones.

Also, I notice in a lot of messages that a lot of you refer to your rheumotologist. I only have one doctor and she is a General Practitioner. Should I be asking for a rhemotologist? I don't have a 'specialist'. Although my GP is very sympathetic and understanding. I wonder if female doctors are more understanding than the males?


I go the natural route. I take my thyroid(Armour)each day and have Tramadol for only severe pain episodes. That's it. Other than that, I take my supplements and follow a anti-inlamatory diet. The drugs that I've tried before have all made me sick and feel worse, but I'm pretty sensitive. I do have a rheumatologist. She is pretty understanding and tries to help the best she can, and with other problems like arthritis and osteopenia etc.

Hi JoJo and congrats on your name change!

I only take two fibro meds - lyrica for pain and effexor for depression. Would gladly take more if they'd HELP.

Don't know about a rheumy. It seems like mine basically told me that fibro pain is pretty much impossible to adquately treat at the present time, tho that will change in a few years. He suggested I do water therapy and tai chi. He suggested a pain clinic. He suggested I see a neurologist for the dizzziness. All in all, I don't feel that my illness has improved any with him. I mean, he's good and all but this illness just seems untreatable. BUT if you happen to be one of the people whose illness morphs into something more, like an autoimmune disease, then a rheumy would be good to keep in contact with.

Just my thoughts, JoJo. I could be totally wrong.

Hi JoJo!! (Cool name!)

I only take amitryptiline (75mg) at night for sleep, although its supposed to help with pain and depression too. I also have tramadol for pain, but I don't take it because it's pointess (doesn't help me and makes me feel sick). What do you take?

I only saw a rheumatologist to get diagnosed and never been referred since. My doctor has referred me again to the pain management team though recently.


Hi JoJo. I was thinking the same thing not that long ago. I am only on 2 meds for my fibro. Vicodin when it gets really bad and I just started Gabapenitn. I also do not have a rhumy. I am currently seeing a male doc and while he seams good I agree that my female doc seamed more understanding. I hope I answered your question.

Hi JoJo,

I take neurontin, Zanaflex ( at night), Mobic (in the morning), and Zoloft. Some days I think it works but then I have a couple of really busy days like I just did and it doesn’t work at all. I see a rheumy but he stinks- doesn’t seem to know a lot about fibro.

Good luck to you.

Wow, thanks allergic (now I understand your name) I didn't know there was an anti-inflammatory diet and did a quick scan on internet and am going to look more into this. I like the idea of going the natural route.


Oh my goodness Jo how do you get up in the mornings after taking 75mg amitryptiline? I take between 30 to 50 mg to sleep and I sleep through the night and never hear a thunderstorm or anything. I asked my doctor to give me a script for 10mg and that way I can take what I want. Sometimes I only take 3 pills and sometimes if I think I am going to have a bad night, I take 5. But when I take 5 I find that when I start to get groggy, I think I am seeing things - like hallucinations. And when I wake up in the morning, I am still groggy - barely know who I am. I think I sent a message out earlier that it also totally took away my migraines and neck and shoulder pain.


I take Cymbalta in the mornings and Gabapentin and Tramadol three times a day because my pain was really escalating since Christmas.

I have never been to a rheumatoligist. I was diagnosed by my local GP and have been quite satisfied with him as he keeps current with the changes in fibromyalgia.

:") I'm surprised at how many fibro sufferers don't know about an anti-inflamatory diet, probably because their doctors are not familiar with it. I was clued in to it by a naturopathic doctor years back. It made a dramatic difference for me so I stick to it. I won't go without having a holistic doctor on the team, much prefer their approach.

Most of the time I do actually wake up after three hours, but they still make you feel wasted for 12 hours. If I do sleep a bit longer, I have to make sure I get up 2 hours before I go out to get myself together. I need 100mg really but I'd like to stay on this planet lol.

Omg!!! How do you actually function bless you!! I'm pleased that you are getting all you need, but you must really REALLY suffering. Thats sad. Sorry. I hope you can get some relief x

Aw I understand. Sorry. My mum has Bi-Polar too and I see that explains the amitryptiline. I have 75-100mg which is enough, but you really need more. I'm sorry about your daily struggle with both awful illnesses and my heart goes out to you.

You must be a very strong and powerful woman, whom we have a great deal to learn from. Thanks for the blessing to know you!

OMG! Do all these pills actually take away the pain? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being they take away all the pain) how do they help? Do you actually know which pill is for what part of your body? Are they all for fibro? Are you having stomach problems from them? Best wishes to you.


I am definitely going to get myself together and try this. Might get back to you about any tips you may have.


PG: I always look forward to your replies to my questions. You always have sensible and helpful ones. Keep it coming!


I am not offended by the least - why would I be? I was only expressing my sympathy that you would be in so much pain that you had to take so many pills. You took my inquiry for more information for myself, the wrong way. I just wanted to know what pills you take for what because I only take two and am looking to asking my doctor for additional ones but don't know what to ask for. Hence, I was going to you, another fibro sufferer, for more detailed advice - and only if you wanted to provide it.

That is what this site is for - we get information from each other - and I am sorry you got upset about my innocent question. I only wanted to know what each pill is for what and which ones work. Other members have replied and been very helpful to me in my search to find the right medication.

I have a rheumothologist but he is 4 hours away so i dont see him often but he is the only one that did my diagnosis as i went a year seing diffremt doctors n specialist n no one knew what i had n all said there was nothing wrong it was all in my head with that said he is the only one who believed what i was telling him n did my diagnosis as for medication i was on the highest dose of cymbalta wich did nothingi also tries a bunch of anty inflamatory nedication such as naproxen, amithriptilin katorlac endomathasin ya n all that did nothing so im curently taking norhing and i feel like im dying so plz if u have any ideas on medication plz let me know thanks

At least have amitryptiline at night 50mg or more to help sleep. The better your sleep the better you manage your pain. Only thing I have now. But all pills help each person differently so takes time and millions of trips to docs and still none the wiser

FigureSK8ter4Life: I was prescribed Cymbalta at first last year and felt it didn't do anything for me and stopped taking it. This year my doctor suggested it again but to take it with Lyrica. The combination of these two seems to take away the 'all over" pain I have. I honestly don't know if it is working or not, but on days I forget it, I seem to be in more pain. Hope this helps.

Going by your name, I hope you are able to do some figure skating. It is awful how we have to give up the things we love because of this fibro.