Overlap syndrome

Overlap syndrome is having sympotoms of two or more autoimmune diseases without having the diseases.

You can have several symptoms of lupus (SLE) like inabliity to tolerate bright light or loud noise, and irregular menstral cycles, chest pains, lesions.

Sjogren's Syndrome having dry eyes, dry mouth, tooth loss, difficulty swallowing dry foods like cake or toast.

Raynauds Phenomenon is inablilty to tolerate cold, Feet, hands, toes fingers turn white to the touch, imediate pain when exposed to cold.

These are only a few of the diseases and symptoms, there are so many more.

I was told by my Internist, if you do fully have these diseases they are called 'piggy-backed'.

He also tells me that chances are once you have an overlap diagnosis that you will in time have the full disease, a complete diagnosis.

This can also be called 'Fibromyalgia Syndrome', as a 'trash diagnosis'.

There is conflict as to how different Physicians or reference material define these conditions, syndromes, or diseases, but this is how it was explained to me. I do not claim to be a medical professional or post these as a means of self diagnosis.

Keep an on-going list of your symptoms, take them to your Doctor, know your family history. Do research! Go to a Rheumatologist or Fibro specialist, if you are not satisfied with your treatment, go to another Doctor. Don't give up!

I will have to speak with my rheumatologist about this because I seem to have some symptoms of some things but not the full set, except for the fibro though which I seem to have most if not all of. Mikex

Hi Susan,

The criteria is surposed to be 4 out of 11...well being born with it and never knowing till only 5yrs back, i'm well past the criteria of symptoms regarding autoimmune diseases, i watched a video lastnight and lost count down my arm how many i had...i've got A1 Diseases overlapping Autoimmune Diseases, i've never been told it's over lap but we all learn something new daily.

All specialist's have their own sayings and terms to conditions.

As time goes on though with these overlapping people learn to know what's triggering, it's hard at first but you need to take great notice when they are occuring.

Love Terri xxx

Hi Susan,

You are right to say different doctors describe it differently, because every Dr. I've seen uses it to explain that I have a number of conditions, and any one of them could be causing this or that symptom, so the Dr. can't tell if that symptom is due to illness 1,2 or 3. You might want to hit "edit discussion" up top and make "overlap" one word. Think of one paper overlapping another or fabrics overlapping one another. My Dr. has never said I don't have one of these syndromes, or used "overlap syndrome" to say that I have the symptoms of a condition that I don't' really have. They use "piggy back" and "overlapping" interchageably.

I have given up on doctors for fibro. There are only a few recognized treatments in modern medicine for fibro, (that I can't tolerate), but I have not given up looking for helpful treatments in natural/alternative medicine, such as acupressure, massage, aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, and tons of other options.

Best wishes, Sheila

Hi Sheila,

Like you i've never heard those terms used before only overlapping and it's a shame you can't get a steady medication through tolerance reasons...mind you alot of drugs to carry some side affects and can make you feel worse than the symptoms themselves.

Hugs Terri xxx

Sheila, Terri is moderator at the Lupus site of BF, you 2 have much in common.

I'm not exactly happy to hear this, recognizing symptoms from several lists. I don't want to print my reaction here, grrrr.