I hate the late night pain …when your meds have worn off… I really should learn the name of all these muscles and tendons and ligaments and joints that hurt… but by then I would have 12 years of med school under my belt…

Hi Karen, I know what you are going through. 21/2 hrs of sleep isn't enough for me but waking up to hurting legs isn't much fun...I hope you have a better night. Gentle hugs coming your way...

Oh Karen, don't I just know it! There is so much to know, I have worn out a few lap tops researching all of my aches and pains and body parts!

Did you know that our Ben is in med school? Not a bad idea! I cannot imagine the demands of the mind that would entail! I can barely remember to take my medicine, then 10 minutes later, I cannot remember if I took them or not, should start a journal, but then I'd have to keep track of that! LOL!

I'm with you on the sleep, Robin! I slept an hour on the couch, then went to bed, watched 2 crummy movies trying to sleep, finally got up took a pain pill and went nose down on the computer for possibly another 2 hours just after sunrise! I'm sure that did wonders for my back! NOT!

Well the tendon and muscle thingees in my elbows…ankles…knees… neck and well from my nose down…decided to revolt. Had to leave work and home to med and bed. I need a bubblewrap suit…for gods sake DO NOT TOUCH ME…feels like you are tagging me with a hammer…DAMMMMIT

Hi I’m miserable every time I work the night shift I come home 7-7:30 pm and take pain mere use ice and I’m not able to sleep until 12:30 am that means only 4and a half hours. Sleep I’m very tired especially if I have to be at work 6:55am the next day it takes me ntul 11am to be awake and feel better then I’m very tired tgroughout the day and will dose off fir a half hour 2-3 times a day I go to sleep at 9pm I feel w lot better when I work dwyshift 6:55am-2:30 pm its 10-11pm before I sleep I’m n naproxene 500 Mcgee 2 times a day amitriptyline 25? Mcgee a day tramadol 50 mcgs. 0 on days off 6 on working days I have a primary and a rheumatologist the primary told me today if the naproxenes not working to stop taking it and see what happens I hurt but on my days off not that bad but working days im miserable I worked day shift yesterday came home 3pm went to choir st 7 my ribs didn’t hurt that bad even I left but after singing fir 1 hour it hurt ill have to use ice before choirl if I work during the Dag

I wrote this awesome thing…and then accidentally deleted it… lol

Karen, agreed! I hate feeling all stiff and mummified in my sleep, along with the deep, aching pain. I'm not sure why not moving causes all of my joints to seize up, like the Tin Man without oil, but it does.

But the good news is that waking up and moving those limbs helps a lot. Now, if we could only just do without sleep!

It's always the long awesome ones that get lost!

Shift work really confuses our body clock. We are supposed to work during the daytime and sleep during the nighttime, not the reverse.

Though I had always wanted to be a teacher, I was also aware that I would be avoiding this shift work problem. I just don't sleep during the daytime.

I have noticed since I joined this group awhile ago that some problems are showing up that are experienced by many of us. One of them is that nighttime brings on more pain and when I am in pain I cannot sleep. So, I have to get out of bed and come to my recliner that is set up with heating pads and a massager and stay there until the pain has subsided considerably which can take up to two, three, four hours. By dawn I am going back to bed to sleep. My best sleep is between dawn and noon. So, I sleep when I can. There is no sense in fighting it because then I just bring on more pain. People who don't suffer from these chronic illnesses have no concept of what we cope with. I have decided that I am the one who suffers when I pretend and try to fit into "normal" schedules. It doesn't work and it just brings me more and more pain. It's not worth it. We must put our own needs first and sleep when our body tells us to.

Hello suzyq!!!

We have missed you, girl! No wonder we have not heard much from you if you are going through all of this, with little sleep! Hope they can rework the meds and you can get the relief that you deserve! We are all here for you, so nice to hear from you!

Love and hugs,


I just went to the primary yesterday to monitor RHE amitriptyline for rye rheumi because hes in des moines and does want me to make 3 monthly trips there between now and December he I creased the dowager from 10 to 25 My's and asked if the naproxene was helping I said not sure bbhe said to stop taking it a d see what happens but its my choice but its my choice ive decided to take only RHE tramadol and amitriptyline and see what happens thanks everyone you're very supportive

Wishing you some real relief! Stop in when you can, we miss you when you're gone too long!

Hi SuzyQ! It's nice to hear from you again. I don't know how you manage to deal with that crazy schedule, esp. with it flaring your fibro. It's a shame that you have to work such crazy hours. No wonder your sleep schedule is even more messed up and your flares increasing. Is this shift work something you'll have to do permanently at your job? Well, my hat is off to you for dealing with it when you're in fibro hell.

How's it working out using just the amitriptyline and tramadol? Do they help enuff with the pain?

Please keep us posted on how you're doing. I hope your pain is contained soon. I know how hard it is to work when you're feeling like poo. It's a shame to have to go to work in that level of pain.