Pains everywhere

Hope that everyone managed a good Christmas and New Year.I was told I had IBS a few years ago and last year told I 'probably' had Fibro as well and a lot of people with the one disease, had the other as well. The last few months everything has been getting worse and more and more painful, with bad pains down both sides, but worse on the right side, all the way down from the shoulders to below my waist. Most pains I try to ignore but getting very hard and the doc just says to take paracetamol, which doesn't really do much at all. Has anyone on here got both diseases? Any tips or ideas on what I can do to help stop or at least put up with all the pains/aches all the time? It's all getting beyond me lately. Sorry this is so long, I tried to keep it short.

Back pain so bad I can’t sleep. Extreme cold weather bothering me a lot!

Sorry to hear about your bad pains as well. Cold weather does seem to make things worse although felt no better in the summer. Hope you get sleep soon.

Thanks for the reply, I have been told that stress makes things worse but being a normally anxious person is not helping me as I seem permanently worried lately. My main problems are the bad back and side pains, most of the others I try to ignore as much as I can. I don't eat any fried or spicy foods as I know they don't agree with me, but these days it seems as if nothing agrees with me. Walking anywhere is getting beyond me and I love walking! I seem to have constipation more than the other although seemed to have both over Christmas. Good luck to you as well, seems we all have to put up with things.