Please get in the habit of checking out the ads, these ads fund our group!

The advertising posted on our sites, fund our group! They are geared at our disease whenever possible, but the more response we give these ads, the better our chances to keep Ben's Friends in existence! This is simply a friendly reminder to all! Clicking on an advertisment each day is a small price to pay to have this great group available to us!



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What about our ads on the UK page, we keep getting things "one mom's £4 tip stopped her looking like a wrinkly, hairy, old scrotum" and the like with a before and after picture. Presumably it is the treatment that changed her eye colour as well. xx

Come on, that's an ad on Ben's Friends?

the one I'm currently looking at is about Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers Inc.

Seriously it is lol, the current ad I am seeing is "wonders of the world" lol xx

Isn't it interesting how many streams of revenue a company can get? (Learnt it a while back but these ads are some of the coolest marketing techniques!) (Marketing major)

Here is the "one trick" advert for you :P xx