Positively positive ANA

Well some blood work came back… My ANA is positive. Lupus was mentioned as a possibility.

How many of y’all have had a positive ANA?

Hi Sunny,

I had Negative. What did the doctor say?

Some medications can cause a positive result. I guess they will do more specific testing now??

More testing will begin Monday. I spoke with a nurse today and asked a bunch of questions. I am in shock and do not remember anything she said. Do you know which meds can make it positive? I have decided not to research on the web due to my anxiety right now.

Lets try this again, just lost everything I typed!!!

Dear Sunny,

My GP's first suspicion was SLE, it remains a suspicion with the Rheumy too, as he tests for it with the bloodwork, no bloods, just many symptoms, have had 3 brain MRI's, declined the spinal tap, but not rashes or skin problems, don't have psoriasis either. I know I don't want it either!

Lupus is known as the great Imitator! It can be hard to put a finger on. I hope that you do not have it, but best to know what you do have and start getting treatment. Keep going to the Rheumatologist, PLEASE!!

Not sure all lupies have positive bloodwork, all of this Autoimmune is tough to diagnose!

Now you know I am not a doctor, we are just talking about this, Sunny!

Good idea, very good idea!

Yea, you might just be spinning your wheels for nothing and you don't even have it but I will tell you that I read that 95% of those who have positive ana do not have lupus. So...relax, I know I stress out each time I get an abnormal test of any kind and it always seems to be nothing in the end.

Thanks… I am trying the new rheumatologist and would still like to try your doctors, SK.

Can you pls confirm their names because I called and left a MSG with someone. Not sure I got it right. Brain fog!!! Or is it brain freeze!!!??

Thanks - I am relieved. I have high CRP if that tells you anything? I’m mad at the nurse who left a MSG on my voice mail saying I had Lupus. Not cool!!!


Oh, Sunny, I'm sorry. That's just more to deal with, but maybe it explains what's been making you miserable that hasn't been treatable thru fibro drugs. So if your ANA truly is positive, maybe finally knowing what's going on is a good thing because now you'll be able to get more meaningful treatment.

Sending you HUGS today, Sunny!!!!

Bless you, sweet Sunny! Of course you are in shock. This is so much to take in. But we're here for you.

Oh, good grief, Sunny. No wonder you're upset. A nurse did that with my mom, telling her on the phone that she had breast cancer. I don't understand why nurses bomb people on the phone with medical news. Still, it needn't mean that you have Lupus.