Psychiatric Nurse coming to see me

Mike, I am so sorry that your thoughts are so dark that you think you don't deserve life.

Have you ever heard of "The Work" by Byron Katie? It is based on four questions that you must ask yourself whenever you make have a negative thought.

You can sign onto the website and read and view videos about certain subjects. You may find it helpful. It might give you a way/tool to deal with the negatives thoughts before they overpower you and you start hurting yourself.

I've found it to be very helpful, since most of us are dealing with negative thoughts constantly.

As far as what to tell the psyche nurse, tell her everything, don't hold back. Get it all out and off your chest once and for all. Anything that you hold in will continue to plague you and make you ill. Remember, things that you hold in want and need to come out and be released. It's healthy to let it happen that way. Just shoot it all right out of your mouth. You can do it! Then the nurse can help you.



I have not heard of it before, but I will have a look at it. I am into anything that can help. Tonight is turning out ok; but I will probably be tearful tomorrow after the meeting xx

I hate it taking so long for me to get it into my head... it just wont sink in :( xx

Mike, it took me a long time too. You don't have to beat yourself up on that. It's a work in progress. Just allow yourself time to heal.

Just wanted to pop back in and wish you luck with your appointment… hug …gentle hug

I’m here for you Mike, to give virtual hugs. It’s ok to be tearful and you’re getting a lot off of your chest tomorrow. Just please try to ride it out, get through the session. You have unconditional friends here that really care about you. Send me a note my dear, once you’re all done so we can arrange a chat tomorrow. Love and hugs…

Mike, we are all thinking about you today as you take steps in the right direction, please let us know how you are doing
Prayers, hugs, & love


I have just got back in from seeing the nurse. She was wonderful and has referred me to people. I am seeing her next Monday as well and she is going to get me a travel card so I can get to the hospital and things.

Thank you everyone. I feel so much better for talking openly and honestly and getting things off of my chest. I am so glad I listened to you all xx

I'm glad you did too, Mike. I think you're going to find things much better from here on in, now that you're accepting of their help. You are young and there are so many nice and wonderful things out there for you to experience. I hope you learn to step back a bit so you can appreciate all of the wonderful opportunities you'll have, including your relationship with your SO.

Hi Mike, I’m so glad things went well today, I think you are in the right direction , BTW u should consider putting all ur poetry into a book !!

Yay…you sound better :slight_smile:
We are here …
Gentle hugs

aww thank you. Most people would probably not like my poetry and would think I am a lunatic xx