Hi Susan!

You're most definitely not alone. I have the same problems and I'm only 21. After typing notes in class all day, my hands and fingers shake for a good three hours. I also nanny a few days a week and by the time I go home I am EXHAUSTED! Though I have found that yoga and walking helps me. Maybe you should limit how much of it you do. Good luck!

Hi somehearts,

That is a shame that you are dealing with it all so young. I have to move around or get stiff and I love to be outside.

Pacing helps and I am learning. Do you try to do that?


Totally not on this subject SK but I posted a pic and it isn't showing up by my name???????


Ask your show you how to do pelvic lift. Basically at first you can lay with your feet on chair or sofa than you lift your butt ...kind of like what one does in sex. My PT actually said it that way...when i first ruptured my disc...was only 20 and i turned beet red since he few years older but very cute.

This is great core exercise when one has any kind of back injury...also ice i before and after you exercise I do not understand why your arms hurt for sit up as they should just be under your neck keeping it supported.

think you meant push up??? which also does not make sense for back issues. BUT mainly wrote what yuo said about person losing their you still feel bad about lost your pet...had to be about same time i lost my one of my dogs and i also still feel so sad...just today neighbor said to me...something is missing and i knew right away it was my dog....i said Doc( his name) she said yes...i miss him tossing pinecone at me...he did to anyone who noticed. I still almost started to just is nice to know others love animals deeply.

I hope you back is better....mine did and i did everything they said i would never do hope that is hopeful to you!

Hi energy - no, it's not just you. This is what part of having Fibro is all about. I could be washing my dishes and my back will almost instantly start to hurt - especially around the shoulder blades where I have trigger points from Fibro. Even if at times, I am doing very light housework - the next morning I will be in pain. I have learned over the years to understand what my limits are - especially now that I am older.

Having doctors and nurses tell me to exercise, walk or do a little yoga irritates me to no end. Even stretching can cause me pain a little later in the day. I live upstairs in a apartment complex and carrying groceries up - well.....the next day, believe me, I feel it - especially in my arms! One time I made the mistake of hanging a heavy picture on my wall and the next day. all my trigger points just flared up, especially my back and arms. I learned my lesson and call my son, Jason to come over to help from now on! LOL

Take care of yourself - and know your limits. It's frustrating, I know. But we can use all the help we can get. Be careful and know that you are not alone. Hugs! Laurie

Hi Susan

I suffer in exactly the same way, sadly my fms and CFS have meant I have not been fit enough to work for 4 years, since diagnosis.

I can’t hold a phone to my ear (everything is on speaker phone)

and using a pc is out of the question - my iphone is my emailing devise as it is light.

Any exercise (no matter how gentle) kills me…

So ‘a freak’??? well you are in good company

Gentle hugs