Hi all, I'm trying to figure out good ways to exercise so that I can stay in shape, lose some weight, and help my pain, but pretty much everything hurts me! what should I do? what do you do? any suggestions?


Hi Fibro, All I can do is walk, walk, walk. I tried to ride my bike, but it causes neck pain. Some days if it,s too cold I don't walk. You may need to expirament ro see what works for you:

I go to the pool. I walk, use water weights and when things are going well, I can manage a run. There are classes as my local gym that I will join from time to time as well.

I am doing aqua therapy & that is so much easier on your body. Ask your Dr. about it @ next appt. They can write a script for it & it should be covered under your insurance

I have an urban rebounder ( mini trampoline) but can only use it sometimes as any exercise exacerbates the FM, usually. But I have "good days" and "bad days" when sometimes I can get away with some exercise. Mostly I push thru the pain until I'm fed up then take heavier meds.

I have the same problem! I'd be interested in seeing what others say. I can't walk because my back flairs up but low intensity zumba or yoga I heard is good. Wanna try it!

Thanks so much for the info on our dr.s writing an rx for the aqua therapy and it "maybe" being covered. I'm definitely going to check!! :-)

I walk as much as I can (currently about 10 minutes max :( ) but one of the very best things is swimming/walking in a heated pool. If you can get hydrotherapy that would be great. Also gentle pilates is good and can target particularly weak muscles.

I just met with the trainer t the local gym here. He suggested I do upper body one day then lower the next day. Then do 30 mins f cardio. Well let's just say the. Lower body workout s much easier than upper body. I had to use 5 lb weight my dr told mei can do 10 mins carfio then gradully increase. I came home todsy and coud barely walk r liftmy arms. All I can say is I'm giving it my all!

I just started doing yoga and mediation. It works wonders! You can go at your own pace and it really helps you stay in tuned with your body!

I love aqua therapy and have found that massage helps to i do stretches before i get up of a morning that my therapist showed me.

I'm sorry that ur in so much pain but exercise does help me, so I do Aqua fit 2 to 3 times a wk. It is really nice sometimes it doesn't even feel that I'm exercise and you work at ur own pace. I also do Pilates and I go for walks every day I try. I bought the 5 mile walk dvd so I do 1 mile a day in doors when the weather is bad or I just don't want to go out. It would be nice if you could get someone to do this together to support each other, if not than you must be strong and do this because it will help u so much.

Just trying to help. Take care, Marg

I have been alternating each time I go to the gym, I do upper body stretches one day the next I do lower bdy. My dr ssys no more then 15 low impact cycling each time. I just made it through my first week. I seem to have a little mire energy, but I'm exhausred and rest for at least an hour after I get home. You have to find a routine thatwors. I do make sure to take my meds daily. So mayb that's helping me .

Walking and yoga are both great and low impact

Swimming is great for me!!! Sidestroke, breaststroke or what I call the floating backstroke. & lucky for me I just happen to live near a few lakes, so in the summer time that is where you will find me! M