For those who exercise have you tried yoga or pilates? If so did it help? Do you have any other exercises you would suggest.

I do some pilates at home from a book to help stretch and breathe. I think it does help some. I am going to try a therapeutic yoga class in Oct thru my local park and rec department. Hugs

I go to the gym and get in the warm water pools. I went to physical therapy and they taught me exercises to do in the water after I do that I go to the hot tub and let that work out the knots...then I go to the sauna and sweat!!! I have thought about joining in on their yoga classes but have not done that yet... the gym I go to also has classes in the pools. They are also good exercise and they have classes for people with fibro. I would suggest that if you have not joined a gym check into doing that. They have everything to offer, but you need one with a warm water pool hot tub and sauna... believe me all of those things make a difference in the gym. I also go to the equipment and ride the bike and do some other things but I am very cautious not to over do things. I am just trying to get my muscles to strengthen up as I always feel weak. I have been going for almost a month now and have been very dedicated to going. I just have to build up my courage to join in on the things they offer... I have an issue with being around other people... an anxiety more to say... but once I warm up to people I am O.K. But that is my problem...lol any ways I would recommend going to a gym to all of us who can... but Check with your Dr. to make sure you can be in a sauna some people need to avoid the sauna if they have certain conditions.

Huggs, Belinda

HI My doctor sent me to aqua therapy and then the therapist showed me streatches to do at home then i moved to yoga start slow at what ever you decide to do and let us no how it goes.

Thanks guys! Once upon a time I used to walk 15 miles a week breaking it down to 5 miles 3 days a week and it became too much. I’ve had signs of fibromyalgia for atleast a decade but ignored them until the last year. It has gotten worst in the last 3 months because I’ve been under an extreme amount of stress. I joined a gym yesterday. It doesn’t have a pool but out local community center does and I’ll go over there and speak with someone about the classes.

Hello. I do yoga at home with a video called " Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginner's." I highly recommend this one if you are doing it from hoe because it is gentle enough for someone with fibro to do. Great stretches. It includes a morning energizing routine and an evening rejuvenating routine. Each about 15 min long. Can be relaxing. Also as long as you can, walking or biking is good too. I can not do a regular bike, but I have a stationary recumbent bike (one that pedals in front of you in stead of up and down.) This is easier on my knees. As with anything, moderation is key. do what you can, when you can at your own speed.

Thanks for the info

I finally started to exercise. I stretch, basic and some more advanced (no yoga or Pilates) I play with friends games like badminton and soccer etc. And I use the wii fit which works well for weight control too in my opinion. I will also begin swimming soon.

:) Hope it helps.