Thoughts on Excersize

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I have agreed to go to a "Gentle Yoga Class" at the YMCA....My friend is concerned that I will not be able to do it.....she is convinced that if I attempt to do this that my Fibro will be inflamed and that I will suffer greatly....I am not sure now but am desperately trying to find some form of exersize.....I am also intending to do water aerobics. You see along with the Fibro I have severe Osteo Degenerative Arthritis and have had total knee replacements in both knees....but I need to get some of this weight off that I have gained due to inactivity......Does anyone have any thoughts Fibro and Excersize?

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Good Morning, Tammy Rae!

I have been taking a warm water therapy class at my local Y. I can't say enough good about it! The water helps with not stressing the joints when stretching. My instructor always says that if something hurts, don't do it! I would expect that the instructors at your Y would say the same. If not, don't do that exercise anyway! The idea is to maintain ability to move our bodies without hurting them further. The class I am in helps so much with stretching out my muscles and I look forward to each class. Best wishes with your efforts and maybe check to see if your Y offers a warm water therapy class, too! Mine is geared directly for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia and joint replacements, so it would definitely have you covered!

Let us know how it goes for you, if you would!


hi..great advice from lovepug!!!!!



i forgot to say that when i was able to go to the swimming pool i did ballet and it was lovely and gentle. i went in the jacuzzi too and found it to be very relaxing and soothing.. so my vote is for water therapy!!!!



I will check to see about the water therapy class when I go.....thank you for the info...much appreciated



Thanks for the advise....My Dr. encourages me to be as active as I can....My artificial knees are great....would do it all I am going to try it....I am going with someone so I won't be alone....I am looking forward to it..


Thanks Suzie,

I do intend to do everything aquatic that I can as I know it is easier on the joints...looking forward to feeling better....I am also going to see a D.O.....not sure what he is...except that he deals with soft tissue manipulation....we'll see how that goes...

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Hi. I am not so sure about what all exercises that class does, but I have a video that I do at home, "Rodney Ye Yoga for Beginners." It is great for most people with fibro. My doctor would agree. Any kind of gentle stretching you can incorporate into your daily routine is great for anyone with fibro. Get things moving, but yes, anything that you are uncomfortable doing, don't do it. It doesn't hurt to try your best though. Just know your personal limitations.