Has anyone else's fibro worsened since they were diagnosed?

They say it’s not progressive, but my balance is worse, muscles are weaker and my brain doesn’t function the same. Does anyone else have this problem? My dr also said my muscles are weak because I don’t exercise enough. I don’t believe it.

Hi Teri
It is hard for me to answer that because I also have degenerative disease of the spine, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome all of which are very painful conditions and with the fm added to the list as well . It is true that muscles weaken with lack of exercise and being sedentary . All the best.

Mine is worse than when I got diagnosed but has stabilized in some manner. Winter kills me. I wish I could go back to that point when only my one wrist or hand hurt or I just had occasional all over pain !

Exercise is important and it does help. Muscles do atrophy if they are not used. I have a immune system disorder that requires me to inject plasma to keep from becoming ill - this disorder also causes joint pain. The fibro adds the muscle and skin and whatever else pain....brain fog, fatigue, etc.

I do a bit of exercise every day - walking, yoga, step, pool exercise, light weights, whatever I feel like - and lots of stretching. It really does help. Some days it is very tough to get going, sometimes I finally feel better 15-20 minutes in. I eat healthy - I am very determined not to "med up". I do take ampitriptyline to sleep (also important) and beat down some of the nerve pain - the tingling and shooting pain drives me nuts.

Train balance too - it helps prevent falls. The pool is a great place to start, then progress to land. Things like standing on one foot & kicking forward, side - walking with knee lifts, etc. I teach older folks in the pool...and quite often I feel like I am one !!!!! Good luck.

hi teri , iam worse since being diagnosed , its so difficult to exercise when the fatigue of M.E is so debilitating.

even though I only have a couple of manageable days in a month I do stretches on my legs I have tried different exercises and iam worse later for it.

iam sending hugs xxxx tc

Yes, Fibro has gotten worse since I was diagnosed. Winter makes for more pain. Although exercise can be painful at the least stretching can help. I have to purpose to do it - doesn't get easier for me but the long term results are crucial to my level of functioning. Experiment with different kinds of exercise until you find something that will not wipe you out but keep you more mobile.

I've just come out of a four month major flare-up due to very stressful life situation so I am doing what I can to maintain where I'm at. Take time to do something that distracts you from the pain - gives you some sense of peace.


I was diagnosed in 2011, and since then I went from being somewhat able to get around and complete my duties to never going out of the house except when I have to, constant pain, depression…

I don’t think they know what they are talking about when they say it isn’t progressive. They are still learning more about it every day. I think the medicines I’ve been put on have made me worse with all the side effects. I just got a new Dr. And he is changing up my medications, getting me off most of the controlled drugs I’ve been on and putting me on drugs that deal more with nerve pain. And I am hoping it will improve me and get me back to a more productive life. I

I started a jewelry business, it has helped me keep my mind off the pain… A hobby that you enjoy will help.
I just take it one day at a time.


Hi, There is much discussion on whether or not Fibro is progressive in the sense of it causing actual tissue damage. I can’t speak to the latest research personally, but I’ve found that the lack of exercise due to exercise intolerance exacerbates my Fibro symptoms and can lead to muscular atrophy. In order to strengthen and maintain my muscles, I do water therapy like deep water running, kickboard swimming, water weights and stretching. It has helped tremendously with both Fibro fatigue and pain and water therapy is very tolerable for those of us with Fibro and fatigue. I find the water’s pressure has an almost analgesic effect and I can endure much more exercise in water than I can on land.


Mine has progressed. My pain has increased and I have begun to get lipomas through-out my muscles, which has increased the pains in my arms.The brain fog is worse especially in the mornings. It seems to take me till noon to think straight. If I can get a good 8-9 hours of sleep, the fogginess seems to be a little better.The muscle weakness has increased-I just don't have the strength I use too. So yes I do feel this is a progressive diagnosis.

Thanks. Even with exercise, I’m weaker and have less coordination. I feel stupid at water aerobics.

I have never posted on here before but I’ve had Fibromyalgia since the 1990’s & I would mine has gotten worse. We were just having this discussion on Facebook & someone posted this article about the stages of Fibromyalgia. So, maybe it will be helpful. http://thehealthcure.info/the-different-stages-of-fibromyalgia/

Hi Teri

The first time i went to water aerobics I felt the same way I was the youngest one their I had on long shorts that I bought right before I went because I wear skirts and dresses. I didnt know what I was doing but the therapist was great and so were the other people in the class. It really helped me. I hope you can try it again and that it helps.
Teri said:

Thanks. Even with exercise, I'm weaker and have less coordination. I feel stupid at water aerobics.

Hi Teri,
I definitely believe fibro is progressive, at least in a sense, because when I was first diagnosed I only had maybe half the symptoms and now 6 years later I have nearly all of them with new ones popping up all the time and my existing ones getting worse. My latest one has been my feet hurting non stop worse than anything else and especially when I wake up. It’s getting hard to walk. I also try to exercise as much as I can but most all of my energy goes to my part time job so lately I’ve been doing well just to walk when I run errands.

haha yes. i was diagnosed over 20 years ago and what felt awful at the time I now see was actually very mild. about 15 years ago I became suddenly and severely worse and have continued since then to get gradually worse every year with worsening of current symptoms and additions of new ones. you are not alone in feeling like fibro gets worse over time.

Hi. I also feel like my fibro has gotten worse over time. I was diagnosed in 2010 and since that time my chronic pain has increased, brain fog and fatigue have all gotten worse. It's hard to exercise. So I think we have something in common here. Would be nice if what we had in common was something fun..lol

Thanks makes me feel better

I know this post is a few months old, but I have to agree Teri.
I find that each big flare or symptoms seem to knock me back and I never quite come back as strong. Myself, I have to push. When I have a good spell I make myself do yoga and walk and work out side. I fear if I don’t I will waste away. Fight back as best you can. I believe it holds back the worst.
9 years in and holding… Sometimes!
Hang in there Teri.

Mine has gotten worse, I am tired of all the meds I am on and, one of the Drs in the office I go to wants to give up on me. He doesn’t think they can help me anymore. Thankfully my Dr. Doesn’t, but I am looking for some natural vitamins and herbs to help instead of all the meds. The summer time is my best time. I have been trying to get out and move more.

Yes, it is progressive, mine is to the point that I am developing lipomas in my arm muscles, and at times they are painful. I had to have one removed that was pressing on a nerve. That one lipoma ended up being two (one on top of other).

I have had Fribro for over 12 years and it seems that I have times that I can manage it but this year for some reason it has gotten a lot worse. I have been flared up for the whole summer and now into the fall. My hips and low back are so achy I cannot stand it. I am going to start physical therapy in a salt water heated pool on Friday. I am hoping for some relief. I just can’t get away from the pain and exhaustion and it is wearing me out. I will let you know how the pool works out. I hope things improve for you.

I can never decide if I think mine has gotten worse or if I’m just less mentally able to handle it. I’ve also developed other issues over time which certainly make things worse.