Muscle weakness?

I am wondering if muscle weakness is also a symptom of Fibro. The reason I ask is that yesterday I was trying to get into a larger van that did not have steps and I could NOT get into it. I even tried to push off with my right foot and it was a no-go. Today my thigh muscle feels overworked, very sore. I ended up having to sit in the front because they had a lower step there.

I have good leg muscles but I guess they are not pulling their weight, so to speak. I've had problems getting off the floor for a long time already, either have to pull myself up on some furniture or my Husband has to pull me up.

Overall I am doing much better in the pain department since going on Celebrex. Not sure if the Prozac does anything, it's been 3 weeks but it may need longer to fully work?

Hugs, Farida

It is time to call the MD, I have/had mini-strokes & my left side is definately weaker than my right, even my smile is crooked. This is a neurologist visit. M

Luna01, my face is symmetrical, it's not that my left side is weaker. It's both legs and they have been weaker than they should be for a long time, I just gave what happened yesterday as an example to check if it is part of Fibro.

I do think the weakness could be a symptom of fibro, but IMO, FMs are more prone to developing problems than the normies. I agree with Luna to talk to you doctor. Just in case it is something that should be dx'd outside of fibro.

My own weakness is related to my pain, or if it is in my hands or arms, probably my long time carpal tunnel syndrome. I do have the tendency to go off balance lately. IDK if you'd consider that weakness or what. Seeing my GP soon, so I'll bring it up.

Best to you and I hope you get it sorted out. It's frightening to develop new symptoms, expecially the disabling ones.

Hi Farida, it is a good idea to let your doctor know about this. I have a lot of muscle weakness and I have been going to physical therapy. We are working on building up core muscle strength, going slowly. I am finding it to be really beneficial. I am only going in to the physical therapist once a month now but have exercises I do at home. Each time I go in I find I have gotten stronger or more range of motion which is good. Core muscle stability / strength is important as it can lessen fatigue symptoms. So yes, I have trouble with getting into vans or up steps sometimes, especially if I am tired. My legs don't seem to want to "listen" to what I want them to do. Regarding Prozac, it usually takes 6 weeks to know if it is working is my understanding but again, if you talk to your doctor that would be a good question to ask. I am glad to hear you are doing much better pain wise, that is FABULOUS news!!!!!!!! Hugs!!

I also just started a part time job last week. They know about my health issues and are willing to work around my schedule, meaning if I have too much pain I can stay home or leave early without any problems. That is always nice to know that they wanted me back anyway. My body is exhausted after standing and unpacking merchandise for 4-5 hours, so I try not to do much before and can't do much after.

I'll get the 2nd refill of Prozac and then see how it does when I've taken it 2 months, no need taking something if it doesn't help anything.

I've been behind the eight ball regarding exercise because until recently I've been in so much pain. Now I will find time between work to do something every day. It's weird with my legs, though not a new symptom, I have defined quads and hamstrings. My doc knows about all of my symptoms. If it gets worse, I'll re-address it with her. One suggestion, by my Rheumy, was a cane but I am not there yet, I fear it would throw my back out of wack even worse than it is now.

My quality of life has definitely improved since I was put on Celebrex in addition to the Gabapentin, Flexeril and Klonopin I was already taking. According to the doc I will never be pain free but livable pain is better than the agony I had nearly daily for a long time.

Hugs, Farida

Hi Farida! I’d ask my doctor about it. I can tell you that I notice that my legs and arms feel so weak sometimes that they are like limp strands of spaghetti! It is most often when I am extremely short on sleep in the midst of a flare where the pain is so much that my tramadol won’t touch it. (Like now!) It only happens to me on these occasions. Do talk to your doctor about it though. Also check to see when that Prozac normally kicks in-you may need an adjustment in your prescription. Sure hope you feel better & have a nice weekend. HUGS from Deb

Hi Deb, my doc knows about all my symptoms. I've had muscle weakness for a long time but never tried to get into a high van. That was really a rude awakening.

I checked on the Prozac, it says 4-6 weeks but I'll take the full 2 months they gave me and if it doesn't help any I talk with the doc about something else or maybe increase the dosage. I am now on 20mg once a day. So far I have not had any luck with any anti-depressants, either they don't help or the side effects are hell.

The best thing though is that my pain level has improved from the 1st day I added the Celebrex and it has stayed that way. Don't get me wrong, not pain free but pain reduced to a livable level. I am greatful for every little thing.

Hugs, Farida

I know exactly what you mean! Isn’t it an amazing thing that because of such debilitating pain that we can really appreciate & be grateful for the little things, no matter how small? Just to have a day with less pain & easier to manage pain is a welcome relief!

So true, Deb. My dreams of becoming pain free and living a "normal" live have died a slow death as the pain got worse and went on and on and the meds didn't help. Now I am greatful for a low pain day and that has become my new "normal". I am a Diabetic as well and the foods I eat have become my new normal as well, since I control mainly with food, what exercise I can do and Metformin.

I get the concept of chronic, but I must say "I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT".

That was my scream of the day. Hugs, Farida