Stength gives out randomly

More and more I have been experiencing a strange phenomenon. One second I am standing and then the next thing I know when I go to take a step my legs will completely give out and I fall down. Thank God I am usually able to maintain if I'm in public, but sometimes it literally feels like I lose my legs. I am only 23 and it frustrates me to have such an embarrassing problem. Not only that but one second I can be holding a letter for example and my hands suddenly won't grasp and down the letter goes. Or my hands will get very shaky for no apparent reason.

I'm so frustrated and embarrassed. Does anyone else have this problem? Is this a fibro thing or no? Thoughts and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone

Blessings and prayers

Losing muscle strength suddenly is a common symptom of fibro. I have times where I'm walking and mid stride I'm so tired I can barely stand any more. All strength just saps from my body.

I have read a few theories on this and while there is no definite answer, it seems most agree it's a combination between the way our nerves send messages and losing physical strength because we do less with fibro, because of other issues. Which will just make it worse. Joy.

My take is that the only thing you can do to combat this is exercise. But lawdy! I know how hard it is to exercise when you hurt and are exhausted!

Hello Ahava,

I am sorry to hear of your problems. Myself, I don't suffer from this yet! I believe others do, and can imagine how difficult it is if you get this. Is it a Fibro sympton .... mmm I don't know, others report thes types of symptoms, so I guess it probably is.

Anyway, just wanted to show my support, and suggest you check in with your Doc, just in caes.

Take care, Anne

Hi, I just want you to know you’re not alone. I too was very young when my life changed. my life was going great! I was going out with my ‘friend’ when suddenly I would have crazy things happen- ie: losing my balance & fallen, losing my strength to a point of not being able to lift things. In face one morning I woke up & couldn’t feel or move my left arm! & yeah I lost those ‘friends’. Good luck sweetie!!! Tell your doctor about even the smallest of things. Ask if this could be a neurological thing too. Signals in your brain send messages to all parts of our bodies.

Hugs ... I find if I rest a lot I am stronger ... then I can exercise a little each day ... the way I exercise is many be dust mop the floors ... a little dusting or just picking and putting things that seen to get out of order .. I always try and make supper .. plus drink a lot of water . I was about 22 when I was getting sick . I worked till I was about 50 and I have 3 children .. 5 great children and 2 great great-children . I am 70 now and I have had all kinds of up and downs . I have lupus , fibr. plus and plus .. its a hard rocky road . We do what we have to do . Having a good doctor that you can talk with is very important .

Hi Ahava, first I would encourage you to let your doctor know what is happening, that is always a good idea. I have this issue with my hands sometimes, I have noticed it happens when my stress level is high, I have over-exerted them (usually by typing), or I haven't gotten good sleep for a few days. My legs have given out a couple of times and when I am tired I definitely fall to the side at times. I usually try to hold onto things for balance when I find that happening. Hugs.

Thank you everyone for your support and responses. Glad to know I am not alone in this.

I have tried talking with my rheumy about it and all he has to say is that is part of fibro and to deal with it best I can. He is not very helpful and I am currently in search of a rheumy with more knowledge and support regarding fibro. Its such a multi-faceted disease but I feel like often doctors don't understand or listen to anything I have to say.

I am so thankful for this forum and to have others who truly understand what I am going through.

Blessings and prayers for all!

I've had the same problems with my legs. Sometimes it feels like my legs forgot how to walk. It's really weird, I have to stop and concentrate on making my legs walk.

Hi Ahava31,

I SO know what you mean. I just did a search here in the Discussions for it because it suddenly started happening today in my legs. I've had it before, like Rubber Ducky mentioned, in my hands and arms but this was the first time it happened in my legs. In the last 24 hours, I've prolly had my legs go out on me over a dozen times, if not more.

I so get the frustration, embarrassment and also, may I add, fear. Fear that I wont be able to catch myself right, fear I could fall and get seriously hurt, etc. I wish I had recommendations but all I can say is I empathize. I'm 26 and I've been diagnosed for over 2 years now with what my Rhuemotologist defines as severe fibromyalgia - something he is still amazed is so severe in someone so young. Its rare for us youngins to have fibro at all, he's said, let alone have it so severe.

You are definitely not alone. Hit me up on here if you ever want to talk to someone who gets the being young and having this illness.

*super hugs*


Oh you are so young for this, Ahava! My heart goes out to you and others who get this cr@ppy illness when you are young. It's not fair or right for young people to have to suffer from fibro!

Yep, I have occasionally had the "leg goes out,"party trick (what else can I call it? At least if I say it's a party trick maybe it'll impress someone, lol.) Hasn't happened too often but mine is because a knee or ankle suddenly buckles and tada! I'm on the floor. Seems to run in cycles when it happens and I always seem to be on stairs when it happens!

The other issue bothers me a lot. I get dropsy and keep losing hold of something. Or can't grasp it to pick it up. And the stupid shaking! Looks like I am not shaking, although I can feel it inside. But one day I saw that my watch was trembling on my wrist. Proof that it's happening! I guess it made me feel a bit better being able to see it.

I can't explain these things but know they occur in others with fibro as well. And it seems to me that fibro is progessive. I used to read about things that I didn't experience, like the trembling or being sensitive to sound or finding the fatigue almost worse than the pain, along with fibro fog that leaves one looking completely stupid...and I realize that I now have these things, too. I mention this because it sounds like you may be experiencing this as well. If so, I don't want you to feel alone. It's real, all right.

Again, I wish I knew how to lessen these symptoms. I am so messed up from fibro that I just don't have it in me to try different things anymore or make suggestions. I know that others have a lot more to offer, which is wonderful! I hope you can find something to help you out...

Calli, just read your message and know about the fear of not landing right. I broke a bone falling down the stairs and don't want to do that again! But I wanted to add that canes are great aids in keeping you upright. I can't count the number of times I lost my balance and started to go down but the cane broke the fall. And you can find some really pretty ones on-line so that it feels like a fashion accessory, rather than a medical device.

Rubber ducky, I read some fairly new research that points to the mitochondria in our cells as not functioning properly. And that makes a lot of sense, since the mitochondria are the energy centers in our cells. According to the research, our mitochondria can't GET energy from the cells, nor can they properly GET RID OF waste build up, which causes the build up of lactic acid, which is what causes pain in muscles when someone has worked out hard. I will attach the research if I can find it. It's a medical paper, so a lot of medical terms, but boy does it make sense!

Here are two articles. First one is in regular language, second one is medical.