Really? Well I tried to do it all today but...crashed and burned

Hi Everyone!!

Started the day off with 2 hours of sleep. Had an eye apt, due to my rural area ya it was an hour away. My daughters and I left early to get there. Oh and they just had to dialate my eyes. Which in turn gave me a migrain as soon as i stepped outside.. Well we had to push on, because I had a bone density test in the next town over. Well after the test, this is my only oppertunity to take the girls and get them some school clothes. After six stops, our last stop was at Sams for some gro. And i swear if i have to push my husband off of me one more time im going to scream so that he will wake up!! Sorry I'm hurting all over and even my skin hurts and I've already pushed him off several times hes rolling over my arm in his sleep. Well the girls helped me alot during all this. Im still on cruches and fracture boot from when i broke my ankle. Well by the time we got home, I put my gown on, looked at my husband and told him im done. He knows when i say that i can't go another step. There has been times when i've said Im done and slept on and off for 2 days. I don't know if this will be one of those times or not. I've already flipped from side to side trying to find some relief from the pain. Took my meds. But they usually don't help much anyway. Well i'm going to continue to try to get some sleep but i don't see anytime soon...there was so much more i wanted to get done today, and the way it looks im not getting up tomorrow.

Oh, that sounds like an exhausting day, even for someone without fibro! My goodness, how did you manage to do it all? I hope you don't flare after this. Sandiekay, i used to enjoy grocery shopping but now it's such a CHORE. I was sympathizing with you going to shop and ALSO going school shopping with your kids. Too too much, physically and mentally. I hope you feel okay, Sandie. At least you got it all over with. You did a lot and you should be proud of yourself.

Twin beds in the same room? A trundle bed?

Dear Sandikay,

Sounds to me that you DID really get a lot done today! I remember your fractures and surgery well, and I think considering that you are still healing that you are not giving yourself enough credit. I know that is easy for me to say with appointments to be kept, a house to keep, children to love and care for.

Please know that you have our support, please do take good care of yourself! Always a pleasure to hear from you.

Wishing you WELL,