I went to my regular doctor and asked about seeing a rheumatologist and he told me that they are only for some types of arthritis and he (my doctor) already did lab work and ruled out that type of arthritis. What should I do? Do I need a referral to see a rheumatologist? Don't know what to do.

Depends upon your type of insurance. You need to call them to find out.

If a referral is required, you might want to consider switching doctors. Rheumatologists also treat for fibro. It's YOUR money paying for your insurance so you have a right to see a specialist if you're experiencing problems that you think might be fibro or something else a rheumy covers.

Dear Amy,

If you feel deep within you, that you will benefit by a Doctor with more specialized training, then by all means find a way to get to one. You will still need a GP for the regular things, but I think a Rheumatologist can only do you good!

As good as my GP (Internist)is, he insists I see the Rheumatologist for these Autoimmune diseases. I am not sure that all of them will treat FMS, but it is surely worth it to you to find one who will. Your GP should not be offended.

Wishing you WELL,