Scarlet fever

Just curious, has anyone else who has fibro now have Scarlet Fever when they were younger?

No. Just tonsilitis.

I had Scarlet Fever when I was about 5, one year at Christmas Eve. I only vaguely remember it. I also had chicken pox, regular runs of Strep, and semi-chronic ear infections for most of my childhood.

No, Leslie, but I did have Rheumatic Fever, and often wonder if there is a link, but I have a pretty full diagnosis, and know that mine are hereditary Autoimmune diseases.

I have often wondered if the vaccines we were given had a part to play in all of this though! I am glad my Grand kids have had them, but I have to tell you that my DC would not allow them to give his kids chicken pox vaccines, he said that is why people end up with Shingles in later life, because the give them to us in the vaccine!

yes I find it interesting that u asked bcuz I’ve wondered if there was a connection too.I had scarlet fever as an adult…about two yrs before fibro sister has MS ans fibro
she also had scarlet fever in her teens.

No, I didn't have that.

Am I wrong or isn't Rheumatic Fever considered an autoimmune disease? I know my grandfather had it and I seem to recall reading this, SK. So maybe there IS a link.

I'll see if I can find that info again and will post it here if I can.

yup, I'm right. Thought so. Found a lot of links on it, here are two:

This is very curious. Thanks fir posting the websites.

I had scaret fever as a baby. I think I was about 2 yrs old, I don't remember it. It was called Scarlatina then. I'm told I was really sick with it.