Sharing your illness with your family

I try to keep my tough times away from my parents. It only upsets them terribly and there is nothing they can do to change it in any way.

My daughter (9) is nothing but supportive. She always helps me where she can when I'm in a flare up and is the most wonderful child. No matter how rotten I'm feeling, I still try to attend all her functions and outings. It's important to the both of us.

My husband...well in the beginning he didn't understand it at all. how could I go from feeling totally fine 1 minute to being in complete pain the next. Fortunately he went with me to my Specialist Physician the 1st time. She made it all clear to him. Unfortunately we have our ups and downs as there are still times that he really doesn't.

Because I don't want to bore him with my complaints all the time (because I'm sure it must get rather tiresome hearing someone's groans all the time) I started a blog where I could vent all my frustrations for everyone ... and no one ... to hear. You can read my blog at

How does your family react to your condition? Are they supportive?

my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Consider us as your extended support structure.

My husband had a brain aneurism 10 years ago. It took a very long time for him to recover. When I think back on it now, I've had fibro for much longer than 3 years. I think I had it then already but because my strength had to go into something else, i suppressed all the pain.

I'm on all sorts of medication.

  • Venlor & Neurontin to keep my condition under control (not really so good at the moment);
  • Trepeline to relax my muscles & help me sleep;
  • Celebrex - anti-inflammatory;
  • Tramacet - pain
  • vitamin D

It's quite a list and even more of a handful.