Short Term Disability- Employers & Therapy

Is there anyone that has some experience with HR, benefits? I was placed on a STD leave by my DR for a month to get a major flare under control. I am back to work but the company will not cover any therapy (physical, dr follow ups, or counselor) as they don’t feel its medically interfering with my ability to do my job. I would rather work and just go to my appointments versus being back off on a full time leave. The company I have to deal with is Unum.

I would just like to say here each insurance company is different BUT none of them are easy to deal with ESPECIALLY for rare conditions. I have had the ‘joy’ of dealing with a few. Some for my former clients and then my own insurer. I found that if there is anyway they can weasel their way out of paying, they will. They will try to make you jump through every loop and hoop they can think of, they even had an investigator sitting outside of my home.
I’m in Australia, so I have not had to deal with Unum. But as an insurer they DO NOT want to pay, so please make sure you have ALL of your medical records in order before you start your claim or they will make you start the whole process again from the beginning. Even better still, get yourself a lawyer to do all of the paperwork and dealings with the insurance company. I found a lawyer in the end to do mine as the company were being SO DIFFICULT, only adding to my already massive stress level. I got my lawyer on a ‘No win, No fee’ basis.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

By company do you mean the short term disability provider? Is that who Unum is for you? Or is Unum your medical provider?

If Unum is the short term disability provider then yes, they are correct, they do not pay for anything now that you are off disability and back to work.

Because you are back to work your care is now transfered to your “regular” health care provider/insurance.

Now that you’re back to work you’ll need to look into FMLA for your own serious health condition, intermitten as well. This will help you get time off work for follow up appointments and help protect your job.