Hi, everyone, it has been a while since I have been on this web-site. But I need information about some injections that a pain doctor wants to give me in my back. He says it should last for 3 years or may never come back. So, my question is, have anyone had these injections. Would you suggest them to someone else. I thought he would do my back and neck at the same time so I can just get some releif, but he is only going to them one at a time. To actually see if it would work for me first. So I am desperately needing some feed back.


There are many kinds of shots that can be done in your back.The only one I can think of that would last for 3 years is one that is injected into a disk between your vertebrae, and it's a very concentrated papaya enzyme that dissolves the slipped or ruptured disk, removing the pain. Or are you getting steroid injections or epidural or numbing medicine or what? Did you already have this done?


Yes, he went in and burned the nerve causing the pain. I was wanting something to stop the pain on the right side of my body when I lay on it to go to sleep. Well the procedure did stop the pain in that area, but now I have a one of those trigger points that is inflammed. The test they do to give you numbing medicine to see if it would stop the pain hurts more than the procedure did. Now he says if therapy do not help my neck he will be doing steriod shots, or something of a sort. but I do not know if I want him to do anything to my neck like giving me a shot, oh no. I'm not ready for that.

I hear that lyrica may possible have a lawsuit going in some months to come. A lot of people are reporting that they have memory loss and suicidical attempts, or thinking of suicide, deep depression and weight gain. efflexor and clebrex to.

Oh! That is nothing like a shot. That's nerve ablation. I know other people who have had that done. One loves it. She gets it done every 6 months, but 2 others have said it made the nerve damage and pain worse. Yes, when you have any shot or procedure, the area will swell and be sore and inflammed for a while. I'm glad the pain in the nerve is gone! Conograts!

As for Lyrica, I don't know if they will get any money from a law suit, because the commercials about Lyrica state those side affects straight out, so people are warned that this might happen. The manufacturers know it happens sometimes, and if they warn people, they are not liable. It is the patient's choice to take that risk or not. I have had so many meds give me serious side affects, and when I went to a lawyer about each, that was one of the things I learned. It seems to work on men more than it works on women. Sad, because 80% of people with fibro are women.