Sorry I was MIA for so long

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a nice Christmas, at least to some extent. My son and I canceled our plans to have family over because my son said he could not afford to be off work another 2 weeks. My youngest granddaughter, my new grandson, and their baby, my little Davey, great-grandson came over for a little bit. They needed to pick up a baking dish and pick up all the presents for everyone else for me. I’m having my oldest son and his family over next month either on the 16th or 23rd, we are not sure yet. My oldest son and his wife both tested positive for the virus. They said they are slowly getting their taste and smell back.

I was MIA because apparently while my son was home those 2 weeks, he was playing games on his PlayStation a lot more, BUT, he was also watching Netflix and Amazon through it too instead of the Television. Well, I get a message from my carrier that I’m about to use up all of my monthly internet usage and it will cost up to $100 dollars for the rest of the month if I do. Well, guess what? We went over! After 15 years with the same cable company, this was a first! So I stayed off the computer! They called to let me know they were excusing the last 2 weeks of the month since I had never gone over before. I didn’t know Michael was running everything through his PlayStation and he had no idea that it would make a difference!
Rewind. Now my son says it has nothing to do with running Netflix or Amazon shows through his PlayStation! I’m confused. LOL
I have the TV on Animal Planet so Sady is staring at the screen because we are watching “Too cute” which has puppies and kittens on right now. She loves this channel! Anyway, I am finally feeling a bit better other than insomnia the past 2 nights and still having breathing issues. I talk to my doc on the 4th.
I have some quotes but I’ll save them for later. I’m so far behind everything. Sending everyone a great big hug!!!


Hi, GBear!
I’m so glad you’re back! Don’t you hate it when unexpected and weird charges appear?! Once, when my daughter was a teenager, we had a giant charge on our phone bill for international calls. Apparently, she had met a young man from China at camp and had been calling him! Of course, she was shocked to hear just how much those calls were costing us! I called the phone company, and a lady had a big laugh over it, then she took the charges off of our account!
How adorable that Sady watches Animal Planet! Too cute! :purple_heart:

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I’m glad to hear that you’re back. I do want to encourage you to not have indoor visitors. I’m sure that you miss seeing family. But the risks are simply too great. Are you able to plan to have family visit outdoors? Outdoors, plus social distancing and masks can make it reasonably safe to visit with friends and family.

Sharon from ModSupport

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Yes I do! But, I actually got to talk to a Comcast employee. The other morning there was a power surge. The electricity went back on but I lost my cable, phone and internet. I saw a worker here in our Mobile Home Park so I asked him about the data usage. He said a lot of people were having the same problem due to so many being quarantined. I didn’t realize that when I was on Netflix that I had to close the app before turning off the TV. I fall asleep a lot of times and I’m so tired I just shut the TV off. Now I know! LOL And since Michael and I both, were watching Netflix or Amazon, it blew our data usage! Thankfully they waived additional fees since it was my first overage in 15 years!
Yes, Sady actually stares at Animal Planet.
She was so upset last night with fireworks going off. She actually used Molly’s crate that I’ve kept under the desk all this time. She discovered it was a great “safe place” last night! I’m dreading the 4th of July!
Happy New Year sweet lady. Praying 2021 will be so much better Love and Hugs

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My son and I had cancelled Christmas. My granddaughter, her fiance’ and my great grandson came over long enough to grab a baking pan they needed and to pick up the gifts for other family members that I bought to distribute. They did not want to heed the warning and most of them got together. My son was quarantined for 2 weeks and couldn’t go back to work until last weekend so he did not want to take any chances. My boy’s stepmom is going back to church this Sunday and I told her I thought that was a bad idea! She said it would be okay because she goes to the smaller service. It only takes one person!!! We have had 5 people with the virus in our Mobile Home Park. I wear a mask even when I walk Sady May. I hope you had a safe but nice Christmas? And I hope the New Year brings you safety and much happiness!

GramyB, I’m really glad you got to talk to someone & it is a simple solution! Also, really really happy that they waived your fee. Christmastime is NOT a good time for unexpected charges to show up!
Happy New Year, my dear sweet friend! You brought me so many smiles in 2020! May God bless you many times over for the comfort that you give to others :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: