Sorry not been online

Hi everyone

Sorry I have not been online I have been very ill, also stressed out with moving into sheltered housing . I will be back online very soon and able to respond to posts . Some news I can give at the moment is that my doctor is changing the Gabapentin to something much better . Looking forward to posting very soon . To all the new members that have joined since I last posted, a very warm welcome to you all .


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Hello Simon I am a new member sorry to hear that you have been so poorly and hope you are on the way to recovery hope all goes well for you in the sheltered housing as I am sure it will.I live in Scotland.

Hi there wee hen , thank you for your message , I am taking things easy the Gabapentin are in the process of being changed .my father was a Scot from Glasgow I used to have a flat in wishaw

Hi simon, I pray all is well with you. I know God has his hands on you. My husband suffers from this crazy illness and unfortunately he take the gabapentin. He has now named the aunt Gabby. You know it’s bad when you name your (sleeping pills) meds. If the new medicine works better, I hope you will share it with us. We are always looking for something better than sleeping.

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Hi dancing Wolf

I know very well what he means by that . I am looking forward to getting off them and with any luck the next ones will work better

Hi Simon. We only get panadol and codeine here in New Zealand. Also cortisone injections for specific areas. It is enough. I was a judges associate in the court system and all the shorthand and typing gave me fibro. It was 12 years before I could say I was better but still have to be careful and not overdo anything. I really don’t think the drugs you get eg lyrics and gabentin are good . They have bad side effects and can make you feel worse. A gentle exercise programme of walking made all the difference even if it was only 5 - 10 mins a day. After a long time I am able to do 30 mins every day but it has taken a long time to get to this. It has made all the difference to ain levels, sleep and general well-being. Good luck Jimmy

Hi Libby
I am very sorry its taken me a long while to reply to you this was down to moving and trying to get BT to install on time which did not happen till yesterday. I have taken Panadol & Codeine in the past I however have not had cortisone injections . I am totally unable to walk or use my cooker or kettle and have to wait 9-10 hours before my partner finishes her shift at Asda not just because of the fibro but also because of the Epilepsy and various other health problems . Now living in sheltered housing is starting to work a little bit better for me in some ways . Once again I am sorry for the delay in writing back to you .

I am a newby. I really like this group. I hope you find stability in your life and pray for you. Blessings.