Stepping Stones

Today Is a New Day regardless of what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow, how you felt or what you went through or may go through today you still have your stepping stones. Never look at anything that you know as "Negatives" and look at them as your "Stepping Stones."

An aching heart is but a stepping stone To greater joy than you've ever known. For things that cause the heart to ache Until you think that it must break. Your Faith provides the strength by which you climb To higher heights that are sublime And feel the radiance of God's smiles When you have soared above these trials. So when you're overwhelmed with fears And all your hopes are drenched in tears. Don't think that God has been unfair And you feel He's given you too much to bear, Remember God has chosen you because You will not give up, You will see this through to Victory and He also knew you would share what you learned to help others.

It hurts me when I hear you cry, It hurts me when you wonder why, when you get eyes that really see then you're gonna recognize those stepping stones to the life that will come to be.

Hum,nice did not think of things that way but so true