Strange new pain

Last night I woke up in extreme pain and couldn’t move my elbows. They felt like they were stuck in place. I was able to massage them a little to stretch them out. The skin on my arms was extremely painful. I fell asleep again rubbing my arms.

Anybody ever had something like this? My elbows were still sore in the morning.

To make matters worse, every morning when I step down from bed the muscles in my right calf get pulled. It seems to work itself out during the day but by next morning the same thing happens again.

My right leg from knee down has also been going numb along with two fingers on my right hand.

I feel this is too weird - all these things occurring at once. Think it’s fibro? Or something else?

i dont want to scare u but my best friend has some of these issuses and she was diaginosed with lupus. i know she has problems with things going numb alot. i really hope this is not the case for u cause while i know alot of people have both fibro and lupus. i cant imanginge having both i dont know if u have been tested for lupus of not. i hope thingss get better.

Hard to tell when fibro causes so many strange symptoms. Sometimes I get unusual symptoms and find that I was maybe typing too much or sitting in one position for too long. My spine gets aggravated and stiff and I get referred pain in different areas, especially in the limbs. I always try to think back on what I did the day or few days before the symptoms started.

Oh no - hope it is not lupus. I don’t know anything about it. Do u know how they test u for it?

Yes, maybe I was stressed last night. Monday mornings I dread going to work!

I was very lazy over the weekend and slept a lot. Fibro causes some very strange stuff!

Well, one night the same thing briefly happened to my toe. It locked in place and I couldn't move it. I don't know if it's the same thing medically as your elbow. Let's see how many people with fibro have experienced "locked" syndrome. I'll bet they will have!

The numbness is something a lot of us fibros experience. Thankfully it's fleeting for most of us.

They can do a simple blood test that checks your ANA. If it's negative, you're pretty likely not affected with lupus. If it's positive, you probably do have it. I think it's a fairly accurate test. Can be done by your GP. Worth looking into because it seems that fibro and auto-immune diseases are linked.

I have been having problems lately where the alarm is going off and I cannot move either arm from the shoulder down, and it takes me ages to wake them up. I try not to use the alarm now as much as possible, as it is quite stressful not being able to turn it off for a couple of minutes, especially when I've only just dropped off to sleep. It puts me in one of those fibro moods already. Haha. I get it a few times during the day when my elbows locks too and you have to stretch it open and "click" it. Thats quite painful too. I don't know why it happens. I'm starting to get like the docs and just assume its all fibro related.

Oh, now that sounds quite painful! And also scary, not being able to move parts of your body. I'm just not buying the "too many pain signals in the nerves" as the only cause of fibro. Why would too many pain signals lock your elbow?

I'm still wondering if fibro truly is an auto-immune disease and if so, where the damage is occurring? Maybe within our brains or nervous system.

I have “locking” in my feet and I have had it for 20 years. It happens when I extend my foot and point with my big toe. It locks in place and hurts like heck

Yeah I don't think the pain signals lock your joints either. Is it a mineral deficiency like getting cramps if you have low sodium levels etc? I don't know much about that.

Dear Sunny,

My DC told me that tendons can shrink due to trauma, arthritis, among other things I can no longer remember, though this does not deal with elbows, it has many good ideas, and it also reminded me what I bought the Castor Oil for! Now I just need to dig up some flannel and I'm set!

This may not answer your question, but covers many things that ail us!

By the way, this may not be the answer to your problem, another item on the list for the Doc.

Hope you are soon well,


My rheumy added that cold tends to constrict muscles. Meanwhile, our muscles are already constricted from pain. So guess what? More pain!

I was going through all the discussions and when I saw yours about the elbows I just had to respond, that exact same thing happens often with my elbows, I will wake up and have to use my right hand to bend my left elbow ( it hurts in both, but it seems worse in the left) its like they are stuck. I noticed more pain in my elbows, for a long time I felt like I may have tennis elbow in the left. Perhaps some day someone will figure out this crap ! I’m so sick of hurting, I’ve noticed a huge change in my overall happiness ( it’s rarely there anymore)

I thank everyone for their comments which are very helpful. Glad I’m not alone.

Dee, sounds like we are experiencing something very similar. I am sick of hurting too. I realized today just how unhappy I am when I had a flashback to happier times.

I got my eyebrows waxed, and it felt like a huge luxury. I actually felt JOY from the experience of feeling “pretty” for a few minutes. Pathetic, huh? It has been so long since I cared what I look like but I felt good for a few minutes. :slight_smile:

Sunny, I have experienced similar things in my elbow and ankle and was told it was tendinitis. But it comes and goes with no rhyme or reason. If you get any answers, please let me know.

I, too, got my eyebrows waxed the other day. I felt like I had two caterpillars peeled off my face. LOL

Would love to get a pedicure but don’t think I can take it.

I will let you know. I have to see a neurologist and go back to pain management doc next week.

I am going to get a facial next week and I’m hoping it livens up my complexion