Newbie. help

Hello all. I am new here. I have been having problems for a few years now. Docs kept looking at me like I was crazy. I started with having most discomfort in my upper legs. Which hurt worse when I used stairs or walk. They have been checking me for Lupus. Now my whole body hurts, extremely tired, don't sleep well. Last week doctor said Fibromyalgia an ran a lot of labs. Put me on Tramadol. Which hasn't helped. Now she is sendinge to GI said my IgA is elevated and my C4. Plus ANA was low positive. Then another call came today an I have to see kidney specialist. I am just so frustrated. I wanna just feel better. I am having symptoms I haven't listed. Has anyone had any of these issues with labs or anything.

Hi, Marci and welcome. It's great to have you with us and I'm sorry that you're suffering with fibro. I think we can all relate to the trials you go through with fibro.

I'm no doctor, Marci but I looked up elevated IgA and it seems to be related to lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. That, plus the low positive for your ANA, may be why you're being checked for lupus. I think the IgA might also be related to your kidney problem.

But, yes, your problems sound like fibro as well. Your pain and issues seem to get worse and worse with fibro. But you do get days where you feel okay. The pain in your legs certainly sounds like fibro I'm sorry to say. Like you, I have a terrible time getting up stairs and walking. I sometimes have to use a wheelchair, all the time use a cane. Entire body hurting, lack of sleep also go hand in hand with fibro. Whether or not you have more than fibro, I can't say. But it's not uncommon for people with fibro to have an accompanying autoimmune disease, like lupus or MS. That's why I sometimes post things about MS and lupus.

Please do let us know how you make out. I'm praying that you don't have lupus.



I'm so sorry Marci! It is very frustrating!! We often end up with a host of lab tests, a number of doctors, and try sometimes an exhaustive list of medications to find what will work for each of us. And like many of us it seems you have more than issue to address. The worse of which is the time it takes to sort everything out and start feeling even a little better.

Have you checked out my discussion on the films about Fibro and chronic pain?

It's frustrating and I know I probably sound like a bit of a downer, but there is hope! We can feel better. Many peoples successes took a few years or more to achieve, but little by little things can get better. Also this site has been very insightful and helpful to me! Praying everything gets sorted out! *Hugs*

My condition started when I couldn't walk long distances and my hips will just hurt so bad and then slowly more and more symptoms will come. At the beginning you will confuse them with being tired and everyone will say that.

I will suggest to listen to your body and keep checking with those tests to make sure there's nothing else.

I hope you get some answers!



m so sorry you are feeling like this I know it can be very frustrating trying to get a diagnosis, as far as your pain medication goes Tramadol comes in thre different strengths 50, 100, 200mg they usually start you off on a low dose, so maybe you are on to low of a dose for your level of pain tramal can give good pain relief at the right dose. Sleep or lack of it is a common symptom of fibro you should ask your doctor to give you something to help you sleep and stay asleep as you will only feel more fatigued if you are not sleeping, but it is a matter of ruling everything out and getting a diagnosis then finding the right meds for you it is a complex group of symptoms different things work for everybody so there is a lot of trial and errot I hope you get your diagnosis soon best of luck to you Jeannie

Thanks everyone. Now I have to do more testing. Just did more labs. Gotta have colonoscopy. I see Hematologist on Monday and I meed to go to Kidney specialist. I jusy feel like breaking down. I feel like crap, but I gotta take care of my family. I just hope they figure it out and get things under control soon.