Sorry it took me so long to get back

To my surprise, they found some things and admitted me. I am sure you will be shocked (NOT) that we are still no where medically speaking. After sooo many tests, I have 2 abnormal ekgs, my kidneys are working too hard and low white count.

As of now I am supposed to have more blood test, drink tons of water, and rest.

Have any clue? Dehydration? Big killer fibro flare?

Anyway glad to be home.

Kimberly, so glad you are home. I hope you are resting well. So no treatment for now, just drink water? And what did they say about the abnormal EKG? Did they give you any diagnosis? I don’t know about you but I get very impatient and frustrated when the docs say stuff like that and you ask what is causing it and you get no answer. Okay, sorry for the rant. Hope you feel better. Let us know. Hugs, MB

I am right with you! Right now is like wait and see and repeat tests…hoping it will all just go away? Thanks for the sweet words.


That's sure frustrating! Did your doctor have ANY suggestions for the abnormal EKGs plus the kidney issues and low white blood count? Do you have any autoimmune diseases? For instance, low white blood counts are seen with people with lupus. Abnormal EKGs can also be found with some people with lupus, as can kidney issues. Mind you, I am definitely not trying to say you have lupus, only wondering if there's something else besides fibro out there that might be responsible for these symptoms.

Have you read discussion boards on any of the autoimmune diseases? It might be interesting to do so and see if any of your symptoms match theirs. However, it's difficult for us lay people to truly know what's what because we don't have medical educations. Sometimes many illnesses can have similar symptoms. So again, please don't think I'm saying you have any particular illness. I was only looking at one possible scenario that could possibly occur.

Hope this all gets straightened out for you real soon! Flat out fainting has got to be pretty darned frightening! You've been remarkably brave in dealing with it.

Take care and hang in there until the other tests are done!



Dear Kimberly,

I am glad that you are back home, I am sorry that you do not really know anymore than you did before! Hope that can change!



I will definately ask!