Heart Problem or Fibro Problem?

I am rather scared. I had an episode where my heart rate raced to 170 and then dropped to 40. I went to a dr... my own wasn't available.An EKG was fine, but he wanted to send me right to the hospital. I had this happen before two years ago when I got dehydrated. I didn't go but still worried enough will go to my husbands cardiologist as soon as I can get in. How do you tell the difference from Fibro pain to heart pain? Anyone experienced this? I didn't find much in the discussions to help.

hi . i agree with avenk / i would not mess around with the heart either. if you are in fact dehydrated that is not something to mess with either. if you go to the ER they will give you iv fluids and send you on your way after some testing and when it was safe, i wish you the best and will keep you in good thoughts and prayers. HUGGGGGS