Does anybody else get pounding in their heart?

This is the third day that my heart has been seriously pounding. My pulse is between 130 and 160 resting, and seems worse at night, but that is probably because it's so quiet I notice it more. I don't know what my blood pressure is like but from the thumping sound it's got to be high. It's not the first time I've had this but it's really bugging me.

I'm putting it down to another fibro symptom as usual but I will check it out with the doctor tomorrow if the appts haven't all gone as its a monday.

Does anyone else get this? And do you know what is causing it etc?

Any info would be appreciated! Cheers!!

Omg thats weird I just checked out the internet quickly and check this out. It says fibromyalgia IS progressive and shows loads of symptoms and info, including the heart pounding. How weird is that?!

My heart races sometimes but my doc says it is a result of the dysautonomia. And I have, unwittingly, tried the guaifensin (sp?) for about three months cuz I was having facial numbness and I mistook it for congestion. It didn’t help me but you never know. Maybe if you stopped looking at Playgirl, your heart would stop racing. LMAO

DO get it checked but my suspicion is that it's a fibro thing. (I think I'm going to start calling them fibro THANGS.) Jo, for a few night I awoke with a racing, pounding heart. Thought I was having a heart attack. I wasn't. Was it the same as what you're experiencing? I don't know. If you rule out other things, then I would say "yes."

Don't you love these fibro THANGS?

I have asthma on top of my fibro and went through a whole bunch of testing last year cause my asthma was bad and my heart kept racing like yours. After all this hassle and everything all my test came back fine, even had a stress cardio pulmonary test, where you run on a treadmill while hooked up. It finally just stopped on its own. However my fibro has been flared for months now and I have noticed it has come back. My stairs and bending over really bring it on but it can do it even when I’m sitting and doing nothing. Let me know what the docs say. I have also read that fibro can cause palpatations.
Best wishes, Becca

Very interesting site. Thanks

Jo, I do believe that fibro is progressive but the site you went to is another one of those where they try and charge you loads and loads of money in order to take guiafensin - the main ingredient in cough medicine. The one clinical trial that was done using it failed. In other words, it was found to be ineffective in treating fibro. You may as well slug down a bottle of cough medicine - well, don't, cause it could make you ill - as pay theem to give you the same thing.

And I've never even found this ingredient to help with a cough, frankly

I thought the site was one of those dodgy ones claiming cures etc at first but it seems ok. Or am I being gullible again? Whats the guaifensin? I guess its a pill or something. And what does it treat exactly? (Do your own homework Jo!! Lol)

Interesting you mention the dysautonomia. I mentioned it to the doc and he looked at me as if I was from another planet (He knows me really well!) and I looked at him like he never heard of it before and I was wasting my time.

Playgirl, hahahaha!! I don't need to be more "frustrated" lol

Haha! Guaifensin is a decongestant that is sold over the counter as Mucinex. It really works for me when I feel a little sinusy. I havent read the site totally but I don’t know how a decongestant would take care of fibro. But I am no doc (although I am smarter than most of them). Check out the new funny I posted. Hugs, MB

Yes thats what I thought Petunia. Damn THANGS!! Yes I've had it for 4 days now and it kept me awake for 3 pretty much, but last night, it slowed down enough for me to catch up a few hours. It's like how you describe it plus at times really freaking painful round the heart. I'm sure if it was something worse I wouldn't be replying.

Just don't need it when I have to use powertools again soon. I quite like having 8 fingers and two thumbs, and no stitches. I don't mind the sight of blood but I've had a local anaesthetic before (in my head) and its NOT happening again. Sod that!!

Thanks Rebecca. It's good to hear that it is probably the fibro, although we have enough symptoms already. I actually managed to get some sleep last night and couldn't get up to make a docs appt. I will do asap and get back to you. I'm guessing it would be treated with beta-blockers? (Or sod all like everything else lol).

Take care, Jo

Jo, I may be wrong but didn’t I read somewhere you were diagnosed with plursey(sp)? When I had it a few years ago I thought I was having a hear attack because I was short of breath, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and throat and could barely breathe. Could this be part of it?

Hope you figure it out.


Ahh I thought it was a bit iffy, but my brain couldn't concentrate long enough to work it out.

Sorry people!!!!!

It just had some interesting info, but I don't want to advertise any nonsense.

Derrrrrr Jo.

Please excuse my brain-deadness again! lol

Exactly. Imagine some decongestant curing fibro!! Lmao! How stupid would all the doctors look?! (And us!!)

Thanks Punkin,

No I don't have pleurisy, but I have had it. Eeyoreluvver still has it at the mo though, so that may be who you're thinking of. It is really painful isn't it.

Thanks for your thoughts!