High heart rate and high blood pressure..connected to fibro?

this is kinda long but it was hard to make this short due to the problem. please read and respond if u have anything that might help.

For the second time in about 4 years my heart is racing almost non stop and my blood pressure will not go down. the drs have no idea whats causing it and never did find out the last time. a few years ago i was in the er for my asthma and my heart rate shot up to about 160. i didnt seem to notice till drs and nurses came rushing in and i asked whats wrong. i thought the feeling of my heart racing was due to the neb treatments which can cause an elavated heart rate but not that high. they tried resatarting my heart twice using an iv medication but it didnt work. i was admitted and after a few days i was released on blood pressure meds. they ran so many test and nothing showed up.

now once again i was admitted again with my asthma and after being admitted is when things started to happen. more tests with no resulats. i was sent home on bp meds which didnt help after the 3rd dose and i found out i should have never been given the medicine to start with cause it was a beta blocker and patients with respatory problems r not supposed to b on them.

so from monday(when i stopped the bp meds) till thursday night my heart rate was staying around 140 and my bp was staying around 130/100. i was so dizzy i had to hold onto walls to walk,i had horriable pressure in my head, i was very weak, having almost constant chest pain,i was so tired that after being awake for about an hour i would just pass out and wake up 3-8 hours later i could not stay awake i just kept passing out in my bed with out warning, and on thursday i started having pressure in my chest and was having trouble breathing. it was at that point i couldnt wait to see my dr and i went to the er. the er dr ran blood tests and ruled out a blood clot and other issues with my heart. but he was unable to tell me why all this was happening to me again. the only thing he could think of was a reaction to the bp med i was on for a couple days. i was sent home on steriods,high dose valium, and high dose narco. the dr said i should feel better an about 24 hours. well i am not. the meds r making me more comfatable but not helping to lower anything.

i am very fusterated and i have no idea whats happening to me. the symptoms r so bad i had to lean against the shower wall just to shower. i have no idea if this is a weird fibro flare or what is going on. i find it kinda scary that the er dr and the dr who say me while i was admitted have no idea why this is happening or how to stop it. i will see my dr hopefully monday. the er dr wants to see if they can put me on a halter monitor to see what my heart is doing over the course of a couple days. i am not sure how that is supposed to help but i dont know if there is any other way to find an answer.

i know this was long sorry. if u have any insight on this strange thing i am going through i would love your input.

thank you for your support.

Egads. Wow, I'm sorry you're experiencing this! It's flummoxing that the doctors are flummoxed.

I wonder if it's fibro? I've had brief episodes like this - with racing heart that actually hurts my chest. Not prolonged like yours. Also chest pain, and had an EKG which came back ok.

I wish I had a better answer for you. I wonder if other fibro people get this too?

Well as for it being drelated to fibro, I have experienced fast heart rate from medications but I have never had high blood pressure yet in runs in my family with my mother sister and aunt. . .

I hope they find a solution!!

I was told the opposite. That they see low blood pressure more commonly in fibro patients. It could be from a medication or interaction between two. God knows we’re all on plenty of them.

thank you r your input. i have to wait till monday to get in with them and i am hoping they can put me on some kind of meds for the high blood pressure and the rapid heart rate. i will let u know how it goes. today my bp and heart rate have been really high and wont come down. it has been a tough day i went to my nieces 1st birthday party and after an hour i was ready to leave. its only 6 pm and i am ready for bed. i am so tired its not even funny and all i have done is sit around. evry one at the party catered to me they brought me food and made sure i had something to drink all i did was sit on the couch. i came home changed into pjs and sat on the couch with the laptop. i will let u know how tomorrow goes. i hope my bp and heart rate r not so high if so i think i will just try to sleep all day.

This is so scary! I’m so sad you’re going through this- keep us posted so we know you’re okay.

well today my readings were high all day again. i was able to attend my nieces 1st birthday party but i felt lousey most of the time. i was nice to get out but my good time didnt last long. i am really hoping the dr monday will b able to put me on a med i was on years ago when i had some minor bp issues. it worked well and i was only on it for a short time. i lost weight and was able to go off the meds. but this just came out of now where. and is not getting better. i just want my heart rate and blood pressure to go back to normal. how can this just start out of nowhere it doesnt seem to make any since.

My blood pressure has always been a low side of normal. Now there have been times my BP goes sky high, that is usually when the Spinal Stenosis causes the tail bone to flare and be 'out of place'! Now, that said, it does not stay there, and it does not happen often!

Honey, I really do wish there was something I could do for you, but I am still trying, so is Renie! You are so far away from me, and I can hardly ride down the road in a car. Please do not stop looking for good care. I am still pulling for you!

I don't know the area you live in, but could I please suggest you go to one in the other direction and hope the findings might be more helpful. This problem is really over our heads, please try to get into your Dr first thing Monday!

As always, I wish you well,


Wow....I hope they find out exactly what is going on and are able to treat it ASAP. I can imagine how uncomfortable you are.

I wonder if this is related to Fibro...

I have always ( all my adult life ) had a high heart rate. Usually around 95 - 100 BPM. Lately, like the last 6 months, I have woken up with my heart racing. It races so hard and fast it wakes me up. I have to just lay in bed and try to think of calming things to get it to slow down so I can get back to sleep.

So as far as my heart, this is new for me and I was diagnosed with Fibro about a year ago....

My BP was running normal - to low. Now it runs a bit high, but I have put on some weight so that may be the casue of my BP going up. Also, I'm not getting in much exercise either and that could make my BP a bit elevated...

I wish you the very best of luck in finding out what is going on....Please let us know!!

Take good care,


thanks i plan on getting in as soon as possiable my only problem is that i need a ride there. i am still dealing with pretty bad dizzy spells at times. and with taking the narco and valium i cant drive. i slept al day sunday till 5:30pm and when i woke up and took my bp it was 150/110 and my heart rate was 130 my bp seems seems to keep getting higher i dont know my bp keeps rising. it is so fusterating. i have no idea what will happen tomorrow at the drs. i do know my mom said she can take me and have my sister pick me up but i think it will end up being later in the day i will let u know what happens as soon as i find out. i am very greatful for all the research you and renie have been doing for me. i live in north aurora il its a small town. i am not far from aurora,batavia,napperville,st.charles, or geneva. thats the best i can think of to let u know a liitle bit more of where i am located.

well today my bp is higher today than it has been in the last 2 weeks. i dont know how it keeps rising i have not done anything today but sleep. i slept all day till 5:30pm and when i woke up it was 150/110 and my pulse was 135. how can it b that high when all i did was sleep. it makes no sense. it is so hard to find any research on this subject. all i keep finding it what normal for bp reading and what is high. i keep tring to find out what causes this problem and its so hard. i will have to wait till i get a ride to the dr due to the dizzy spells and the narco and valium i am on. i am hoping my mom will drop me off and my sister will pick me up. but i dont think it will happen to later in the day. i will let u know what happens as soon as i get home from the dr.

I hope the doctor gets your bp under control. That's very scary. Obviously it needs attention, and I hope you get it. Please let us know how you made out.

Gentle hugs,



Alright my friend, you know I am not a Dr and I really insist you find one who can explain this for you, but here are some things from webmd!

Hope this helps, please call YOUR Dr tomorrow, get the other problem examined while there, please?



the dr at the clinic read over the reports from the two ers and told me to go to yet another er. so i went spent 6 hours there only for them to tell me i still had plursery and to go home and take motrin. the last er gave me narco and valium and this dr thinks motrin is going to help is she crazy. even with taking the high does narco and valium i was still in pain how does she think motrin is going to help. i am so mad i just want to scream. my mom is making things worse she thinks the sudden rise in my bp and heart rate r all my doing and i can just fix it. doesnt she think if i could stop this i would. i am feeling like i am getting nowhere and no one is helping me as far as drs r concerned. i really wish i could just slip into a coma and wake up when this is all over. my mom is yelling at me cause all i have done is sleep even thoough i told her i cant help it. its like i cant stay awake even if i wanted to. right now i just wish i was anywhere but here. i feel like i am just a burden cause of all my health issues. i dont understand how one person can have so many health problems. i have never smoked i have never done drugs. i had a few drinks when i turned 21 and none since. how is it people do horriable things to there body and i havnt yet they r heallthy and i am always sick and my body and health issues just seem to b a mystery to every dr. i dont understand why the ers havent admitted me so they can figure out whats wrong and fix it. all the ers keep telling me is that there is not anything life threatning is going on. well how long is my bp and heart rate have to b high b 4 someone decides to help me. r they just going to wait till i am on my death bed then say oh were sorry we didnt find out what was wrong sooner. i mean how hard is it to fix this. my bp was even higher to day. not by much but it keeps rising little by little every day. but when i get to the er its never as high as it is at home. well i am going to go back to the dr wednesday cause they dont have drs there tomorrow only therapist and phyc drs. so my plan tomorrow is just try to sleep so i dont have to live in misery. then i will go in iin wedneday and hope for the best. i will let u know if anyting changes between tonight and wednesday. i have been to three of the 5 surrounding hospitals and i dont see a reason to go back to the er since they dont seem to b helping me other than giving meds to help me feel more comforatble while i am there. thank you for the link. sorry i have vented i am just so mad right now which i know is just making things worse i know i need to try to stay calm but after getting no help time after time i dont know how else to feel. am i wrong for being mad am i wrong for doing everything i can to try to gets this all under control. i too feel that my high bp and heart rate is danderous but no drs seems to share my concern.

well got help at the drs office today i was just told to come back wedneday. the dr sent me to the third er in a week for this and i got no help or answers there. i was just told i still have plursery and to go home and take motrin like motrin is going to help. the er thursday gave me nacro and valium and this er dr thinks motrin is going to help is she crazy. i was still in pain with the narco and valium but at least i was able to b comforable. i am so scared that from now till wednesday i am just going to b in alot of pain and there is nothing i can do. saturday night i slept from midnight till 5:30 pm sunday i am really hoping i can do that again so i dont have to suffer. i am just hoping my mom will leave me alone and let me sleep. she is not happy about how much i have ben sleeping but i was sleeping alot b 4 i was given the narco and valium. its like ever since my bp and heart rate decided to rise all i can do is sleep. i dont know if my body is sleeping so much cause it cant handle what is going through or because i am just worn out from my heart is working so hard. all i know is that the more i sleep the less i have to deal with this hell i am going through. well i will update u as soon as i know more.

Dear Steph,

Obviously the ER's are not going to help you! So sorry you have to go through this. You deserve to be young and well.

You have every reason to be upset and 'mad'! Vent away!

I am concerned,


I hope you can get through this, get straightened out. Please don't give up. I know that pain is exhausting, I understand that you are beyond frustrated. I have gone through similar. There is a Doctor out there that has an answer for you, a good one.



so i went to the dr and my bp was 160/100 and my heart rate was 143 b 4 i knew what was happening my drs office had called 911. they said my vitals were dangerous and they could not let me leave. so back to the hospital i go and all they do is run the same test and send me home. i tried to get them to keep me so they could run other test and figure this whole thing out but they said my vitals were fine at that time and there was no reason to keep me. so i still dont have any medication to bring my bp and heart rate under control. my mom is really made at the clinic and wants me to go somewhere else. i just want this to b controled is that too much to ask. i dont understand why this is so hard.

i am up cause of the pain of the pleursy. i think i have had it before but not like this. the pain is so bad i dont want to breathe at all. and to top it off all the pain from it is just making my blood pressure and heart rate worse. while at the hospital today i tried to get them to admit me so they could keep the pain under control and try putting on a blood pressure med that would also treat rapid heart rate too. the nurse told me well your bp and heart rate r down now so there is no reason to keep u. i said what about the fact it was 160/100 in my drs offfice an hour ago. the hospital gave me dailited aka hydromorphine and iv benadryl so of course my vitals got better. i told the nurse the only reason evrything was better was due to the meds i was given through the iv. she told me well we dont just admit people cause there bp and heart rate were high once. i said i was here two days ago and it was high. i told her what happens when i go home and this all starts all over? i asked 2 speak to another dr but she wouldnt let me. this all started the 29th of june how long do they think my body can handle this especially since my bp and heart rate keep rising. i feel like i am going in circles. i am so sick of hospitals and drs right now why is a dr cant write a simple script. when i was at the dr today and the nurse took my bp he said wow that is really high and i said thats why i am here my heart was racing so fast he had to get the pulse ox monitor. he left me in the room and the next thing i know there is parametics there to take me to the hospital. i dont know how i am going to get a dr to give me the medicine needed if all the dr does is sends me to the er and then the er sends me home and says follow up with your dr. i never even saw a dr today at the office once the nurse saw my vitals 911 was called. i know i cant give up but my body is so weak and i have been so tired and now that the pleursy seems to have gotten worse i am having trouble sleeeping even with the high dose of narco and a heating pad.

sorry i guess i just needed to vent i am so angry with drs right now and i know i need to keep calm so i dont raise my bp or heart rate anymore but its getting harder with each passing day. i have thought of going to yet another er i have 5 within about 10 miles of my house so far i have been to three of them. what do i have to do b 4 a dr will help? the nurse at the drs said my bp and heart were at the point that it was dangerous and thry couldnt send me home yet the er lowers it and sends me home. well i am going to try to go to bed and see if i can sleep. i am going to try to get into another clinic tomorrow if i can i know i have a high balance from years ago but i am hoping for the best.

Trust me, we totally understand. It's like banging your head against a brickwall isn't it. At least that would take our minds off it all for a bit. I have those symptoms a lot but with low blood pressure at times. I'll lie on bed and my heart is thumping like I'm on illegal drugs, and I can count it to 180. I've had ECGs which appeared normal and I know its not anxiety/panic. But you have pleurisy too at the mo so that is definitely now helping you is it because it kills to breathe doesn't it? Hopefully it will improve as the infection clears up but it doesn't help you now and your docs sound like they need a kick up the backside too! Get your mum to take a long run up for you and all our willpower!! Bless you, I hope you feel better soon...