Fast heart beat/pulse. [Bare with my rambling please.]

I went to my pain management doc about a week ago. I was there for my refill and I was completely out of my pain medication.

I also have a lumbar spine injury, which is what I believe [after a lot of research] is what the fibromyalgia stemmed from. They wanted me to do a procedure - I think it's some kind of nerve block or some such thing, I forget the exact name of it.

Just as I was about to go in, they took my pulse. If I remember right, it was somewhere around the vicinity of 125/90.

They were worried about how high it was, I remember that much. The procedure they wanted to do on me was unexpected.

I had eaten that day and had no ride home [unless you count a taxi cab], so they insisted on doing it with no sedation - I would be wide awake during the whole thing. I tried to convince them not to do it, seeing as I was not only in pain as it was, but also because I had a high pulse and therefore a fast heart beat.

I was thinking it was most likely from pain [my mother has the same problem with her blood pressure and pulse], so obviously I wanted to leave, get my prescription filled and go home to rest. They re-assured me they would numb it and I wouldn't feel the pain.

So I co-operated, going in there with an open mind - I mean hey, maybe it would actually help the back pain. Why not try it?

About an hour later [and a whole lot of screaming and crying - you're damn right I felt what they did to me and then some], I came out and they checked my pulse again. From what I could hear, the top number went up to 130.

I heard the doctor on duty say he was worried I might go into a-fib, which if I remember my medical terminology, means he was worried I'd have a heart attack. Two hours and a lot of testing later, I left - but here's my point/question.

When I just had my back injury pain, my pulse never went up. Neither did my blood pressure.

When I was diagnosed with FMS, all of a sudden the above happens and I nearly go into a heart attack. Yes, the level of pain I've been in is about ten times worse, I know that.

Could the pain from FMS be straining my heart? If so, has this happened to anyone else?

I'm seeing a heart specialist next Thursday afternoon. I'm asking because I'm not sure if I should mention the possibility.

Thanks for anyone who can help me.


Yeah. They were blood pressure numbers. My fibrofog acted up and what I said got jumbled, sorry lol.

After this blog entry, I started having a really bad month. Couldn't get off the couch or do anything, really. So unfortunately no, I haven't been able to see the doctor yet.

I'm starting to come out of it now that it's the first though. Probably going to do it next week sometime.

It's alright that you don't have any answers - I don't either lol. Thanks for the comment. :]