Random Symptoms

Hey so some symptoms my doctor keeps telling me is fibro I just want to see if others have them and how they deal:

I am constantly thirsty

I have this random pulse that will go through my body, one minute it's pulsing near my temple then the next will be my calf then my hand then thigh and it's just so random.



Numbness randomly through the body sometimes it'll justbea toe but hen sometimes everything below my waist.

Chest pains.

Anyone have these?

Anyone questioning one that they have?

Yup, pretty much all of them except the nausea and random pulse.

Could your thirst issue be related to diabetes? It might be worth getting your blood sugar level checked . Mine's unrelated to diabetes (I don't have it.) Never thought of it as a fibro thing. More of my mouth gets dry very easily so I need a drink. You know, most meds we take do cause mouth dryness so maybe that's affecting you as well.

Come to think of it, a lot of fibro meds do have dizziness and nausea as side effects so it's possible that these could be side effects of whatever you're taking for the fibro.

Chest pain - did you have your heart checked? That's probably your first thing to do. If your heart's okay, I can testify that fibro does give you chest pains from time to time.

I guess it's possible that they all are fibro side effects. Sure seems like many of them are.

Some of this could be meds, you know, but could also be symptoms of something else. Keep a running list to discuss with your Doctor, they would know for sure. In the meantime, google your meds and check on SE (side effects).

SK and Petunia Girl......are right, always check the SE of your meds but along with that I would also keep a daily journal because things are rapidly changing and in order to concretely be able to distinguish the difference between actual Fibro symptoms and SE would be to keep a journal...... One thing is for sure is that when you go to a Doctor they look to you to tell them what is wrong with you and what they do is run tests to support your diagnosis of what your assumptions may be...... so do your research because no one knows your body better than you.....

I have the nausea because of my GI problems; the dizziness when I move to fast (from a lying or sitting position to standing or walking, or even if I hold my head back trying to look up) not allowing the oxygen/blood in my body to catch up to my brain; I only experience numbness in my rt toes and rt hand not like you do which is quite interesting; I have chest pains all the time and I have been cleared thus far by the cardiologist I am awaiting my appointment with the pulmonologist, although I have tachycardia which is an irregular fast heart beat at about 131 beats per minute at rest so my heart is working too fast.........

So ShawnaGlaister I would recommend keeping a journal, getting a thorough medical work up such as SK and Petunia Girl mentioned, and definitely always do your research on all medications you take and know all of the SE and not just what the Doctor tells you, You are UNIQUE and just because something happened to someone else or did not happen to someone else does not mean the same for you...... Knowing yourself in and out is very important......

God Bless and I Wish You Well