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Hi all...being fairly new to this site I have been digging through to discussions, etc and all over the internet. Does anyone have symptoms sometimes that scare you? It seems like things are always changing for me. Here is a list of my symptoms (obviously I am not asking for medical advice, I am just trying to compare and give myself a little peace of mind about what symptoms other people are experiencing.)

- Muscle aches and pains (terrible in my hips, both sides)

- Chronic migraines

- Double(or overlapping) vision

- Occasional random head pains that come and go

- Shaking of my hands and fingers, more on one side than the other

- Awful memory

- Numbness and/or tingling in my fingertips

- Swelling of my legs and feet (water retention?)

- Exhaustion, exhaustion, exhaustion

- Occasional vertigo

- Depression

- Shortness of breath and pressure on my chest (anxiety?)

- Insomnia

- Short temper

Do these things look like what others are experiencing? From what I have leared so far about fibro it can have so many different types of pain, etc but the basics are usually all there. Just trying to put my mind at ease.

Thanks everyone!

YES! I believe your right on track. I experience most of those symptoms too. I get alot of “fibro fog” as well. Confusion, can’t find my words or form thoughts. I will also start itching on my hands and feet ( first thought is might be athletes foot or something but my dr assured me that is wasn’t). There’s obviosly a laundy list of others but I hope this puts you a little more at ease!

Gentle Hugs:)

I have not brought a complete list in to my new doctor yet, but I definitely am going to. I have given my neuro a lot of these as my headaches are a work in progress. Some of these have developed since I was last too him. I have been into the ER a couple times when chest tightness scared me and they keep telling me it is probably muscular in nature. Better safe than sorry, I guess. I am waiting on the referral to a rheumatologist and I think I will do exactly as you said and bring the list in.

Thank you for the link, that one has a lot more symptoms than I had previously read about and was quite helpful.

Thanks to both of you!

Right away I notice several of these problems and personally know they come from the Nuerontin (gabapentin) So we'll try to check all of the meds SE for you.

The SE of these drugs could cause a good many of the things on your list, however I have come to know that some of the drugs you take for a certain problem, say they can cause almost the identical problem as a side effect. Sometimes you just cannot win.

I would suggest you take the list to the Dr with you, have him go over it, he is the expert!

Wow, if you are like I used to be, you just skim over the side effects and take as directed. But, with all the meds I am on and because I had a doc who lied to me about a medication and said it wasn’t addictive when it was, I research my meds pretty thoroughly. But, I will have to say that a doctor once told my husband and I that (ok, gonna get real personal here) the 4 hour erection they say CAN be caused by cialis is just a might happen so they have to put it down on the label but there has never been a documented case where any of those types of drugs have caused an erection like that. I am sure the pharmaceutical companies are as cautious as possible without scaring people away from their meds because of liability issues and lawsuits. But, you are right, the docs are the experts (or they are supposed to be) so always ask.

I just saw that the Contin in OxyContin, MS Contin, etc, means continuous release as compared to the other meds of this ilk which are timed release, etc. here’s the link. Just something I have now added to my vast store of useless but interesting facts. LOL

I did start taking it. And yes, this is useful information that I stumbled on that shows the difference between timed or controlled release and continuous release. However, I do have a vast store of useless but interesting and fun knowledge that doesn’t really matter to anyone else but I thought somebody might be interested int he technology of this, as was I.

Thanks guys. I will go through all of these links… And MBP - all knowledge is useful. :slight_smile:

Ya know, I just like to poke fun at myself sometimes. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry so why not have laugh lines instead of frown lines.


Mommy on edge, I am glad you have a referral to see a specialist… Hopefully they can begin to rule out other things? Having other things ruled out is important as so many other conditions exist along with fibro, and it gives you a piece of mind. I would recommend you also see a cardiologist, the SOB could be easily said to be due to anxiety As well as the CP, however along with swelling in your ankles any heart disease has to be ruled out
I spent ywo years complaining to my dr. About chest pain & shortness of breath , off to the cardiologist, but first had to have an upper to r/o acid reflux that could be causing CP, GI dr. Thought it was anxiety, but the chestain continued & so did the SOB, back to cardiologist … He finally ordered an angiogram… And yep I have blockage… Not to scare you, but everything has to be ruled out , I just keep wondering if this fatique and exhaustion was really all fibro… Cardiologist said the blockage is only 30- 40%, which may contribute to some of the fatique, and possibly the cp, but he believes the stress from fibro is the biggest culprit !!
Since I found out , the chest pain has been better, so obviously I had myself all worked up because I just needed to know … Between the CP, SOB & exhaustion ( and my grandfather died of heartattach at my age) I just kept thinking ok, there just going to find me dead … Lol, not really funny, but I just really got myself worked up, now that I know… It’s much better, I do relate the SOB to anxiety now, and it’s much better, the cardiologist said stress reduction is more important than we think …
Hugs & blessings