Hi all! I was just recently diagnosed with Fibro after dealing with symptoms for many years. I also deal with severe anxiety and the symptoms don’t help that. Went to doctor for a checkup due to symptoms and was then diagnosed after examination. Are these symptoms relatable to anyone? Sharp ache in legs, tingling every so often, sharp pain in feet, hips, lower back. Sore all over pretty much. Constant - these are just the most recent.

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Welcome to the Group and I believe I can relate to the tingling ...I feel like something is crawling on me but nothing is!! I also have Heat that crawls. My feet hurt so bad after I have stood about 30 min. that I have to sit down and my lower back as well... and the muscles feel weak all over... I get pain in my joint areas but that seem to be from Bursitis. Oh the joys...

I do hope you have a GOOD Rheumatologist to treat your Fibro...the Meds have some strange side effects but once they get into your system they should stop... and MOST of the things you mentioned should dissipate. I myself am new to this and am learning more everyday. I am certain some more folks will be able to relate I believe it is all a fibro. thing.

Huggs, Belinda

Welcome Bee! I join in with the others saying…yup, these are familiar and even common symptoms a lot of people feel. So sorry you are suffering. The worst for me is the all over body pain, as it just saps my energy. I hope you get further medical support to help you manage your symptoms. You will find here on the site, list to read about other people and dome solutions they gave found. Sending you hugs a plenty!

Hi, Bee; I am a new member just like you. I am off work for the 2nd day now feeling very much as you described! I have to remind myself that a better day is just around the corner; I hope your better day is soon!

Hugs to you from Deb

I have pretty much the same symptoms! It gets hard on flare up days. The worst pain for me is top of foot pain, calf cramps, knee pain, hip pain, and neck/shoulder pain. I’m new here so we’ll be learning & supporting together! :o)

i'm new to this site, but not to fibro. have been dealing with it for 7 years. the pain is just a little of what I go through on a daily basis. I go to vegas often and on one trip I came across this stand on Fremont street. energy bands, not the magnetic ones. these have semi-precious stones. I have been wearing it for about 4 months. my flare ups have decreased, my fatigue has decreased, my stability has increased and even my pain on a daily basis has decreased.

Hi, sorry to hear about your pain. I’ve suffered from depression and even once I had been treated I had major anxiety. I’ve always had very bad head aches and migraine too. And achy shoulders and back. More recently tho I’ve had extreme fatigue, major pain in my knees, ankles, calfs, feet and hips, even thumbs! I was swollen in my joints too but that’s gone now, just pain and stiffness. Every day I have pain all over but some days, flair up days, the pain is just awful, so bad I cry with every step I take. I’m on naproxen and codiene for the pain, with little effect, and since being diagnosed last week in in amitriptilyne which is helping me to sleep on a night, if nothing else! Doc says it will be a couple of weeks before it kicks in to help with the pain. I’ve been off work for 5 weeks now.
Good luck and take care… If I can work out how to add you as a friend then I will lol xxxx

Hi Bee609

I have these symptoms. Exercise and stretching help. I also go to mental health.

I hope you enjoy the group and find it supportive, informative, and friendly.

Thank you for stopping by and replying! I am in the process of starting pain management - I've done 10 weeks of physical therapy and that just hurt me. I did do pain management but they had not diagnosed me with Fibro yet, so they were just treating it as joint pain with major inflammation. I appreciate your input!

Sounds exactly like what I've been feeling - I am relieved to know this is normal.

The fatigue is one of the main issues that has happened recently - I just feel like I can't get enough rest. Thank you for your comment and input!

We are definitely feeling the same thing - it used to just mainly be my back, neck and shoulders and even my chest. But that recent pain has now been my legs in addition t all that. Thank you for commenting - It helps to know I'm not alone in this.

I will look into that - I'm dealing with Fibro through ice and heat packs as well as pain medication. But that is not what I want to be on forever. So I will look into this!

I'm sorry you're in such pain and the anxiety part has been the toughest for me. If the anxiety was gone, I could suck it up and deal with the pain. But when you put the two together, it becomes unbearable at times. I have suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks since June 2013. It is a daily struggle and I tried medication that was supposed to help with Fibro and anxiety but it through me for a loop and I had to get off of it. So now, I rely on my faith and support from people. But finding this site has been so helpful for me. There's something therapeutic about finding others that relate to what youre dealing with. I hope I can figure out how to add you as a friends as well. One of us will figure that out eventually here. lol

I was going to ask a question regarding the chest pain and just saw your comment above - the past week I’ve been dealing with more chest pain. I’ve been to a cardiologist and through test but nothing found, so I’m assuming it is part of the Fibro.

It could be costochondritis.Which is inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs.I get it a lot

Hello, I’ve had this crap for 14 YRS. Finally I’ve reached another place in using the drugs. So sensitive to everything loud sounds, smells,drugs,touch etc. Hurt all over ,use heat pad alot. Brain is is off most of time. Do you know what i mean?

  1. I totally understand especially the loud sounds and smells. get brain fog and excruiating pain.I am going to buy a heating pad soon.

Hi Debbie and welcome to the site! I am glad you found us. I am sorry to hear you are having such difficulty. I too get very sensitive to sounds, lights, and my skin often is sensitive to touch. I work hard to find ways to self - soothe. I use earplugs in stores, I have a sleep mask I use when I am really sensitive to light and at home (usually the worst is late at night for me so this is doable). I wear soft clothing and try not to bump things. Have you talked with your doctor about the sensitivities? Do you have medications to help? There are always new advances in meds and treatment options it is good to touch base with your doctor from time to time. I know for me, I have had Fibro for 16 years but never tried physical therapy before until earlier this year. And I was surprised, I have seen benefit from it and have continued it. I also recently have taken some informational classes thru my healthcare plan that I learned new things from. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Hugs!!!

HI Bee, I am wondering how you are doing? Did you get back into the pain management specialist and are they helpful? Hugs!!