New symptoms are freaking me out

While I have constant pain from head to toe, I have been experiencing new problems that I am not sure is fibro related or not. I went to Fred's today to get my son posterboard for a project. As I was walking, I would start walking towards the products instead of walking down the aisle. I felt very uncoordinated. I have also had vision problems today where everything is very blurry, and I wear glasses. Another prob...both legs feel like they are on fire from the knee down. This happens sporadically. Are these fibro related or do I need to freak out at this point? Thank you all for helping me deal with this. I don't have anyone else who can understand exactly what we go through. My boyfriend believes me when I tell him I am in pain. But, every family member I have thinks fibro is just a little muscle cramping. Hugs!

I wouldn't freak out, but I wouldn't assume that something this unusual that starts out of the blue is normal, either.

If it worsens or new strange things start, my suggestion would be to go straight to the ER (sooner if you feel it's warranted).

If you don't go to the ER this weekend, please call your doc first thing Monday morning. You need to be evaluated. Good luck, hope you do ok the rest of the weekend.

Hi Susan,

I've been thinking and worrying a lot about you. I know you were in dreadful pain and prayed that you found some relief. I'm glad to hear from you again, but sorry you're experiencing new symptoms. While it's best to run this all by a doctor, I can say that blurry vision is definitely a fibro symptom, as is the burning sensation throughout your legs. I don't know about the uncoordinated feeling. Are you on any meds yet? Lyrica makes me feel dizzy, for instance, so perhaps it could be a side effect of something that you're taking. You should do a bit of investigating on the web. But seeing a doc is probably best.

Fibro does a lot of weird stuff to us, Susan. Don't be surprised if you get more strange symptoms.

And yes, we totally get the amount of pain you're in. Wish it was just some minor muscle spasms!

Thank you, Petunia Girl for being concerned about me. I am sorry to say I am still in dreadful pain. I do have a doctor's appointment Monday. I am going to demand something to help with this pain and also tell him about these weird things that popped up. I do take Lyrica, and they upped my dosage not long ago. Maybe the dizzy, uncoordinated thing is from the medicine.

I think I could handle the odd sensations better if I wasn't in such intense pain. I will let you know what I find out from the doctor. I am so worried because I need to be able to walk (have three kids and go to college). Every day, it seems like walking is getting harder for me. My legs feel so weak. They involuntarily jerk and sometimes decide they don't want to work properly. Hip pain is killing me. And, now dizziness? Just wondering how I am going to perform daily tasks in the condition I am in.

Thanks for your prayers! I welcome them and will pray for everyone also. Big prayer that researchers will find out more info about this horrible condition.