Anyone with diabetes and fibro?

My doctor doesn’t tell me much I have to do another blood test on Friday. But I can tell this. My levels are crazy from 229 down to 84. Today I was 189 then I was feeling very weak a few hours later and it was 84. Then an hour later it was 134. I tried looking up info but im confused… Type 1…type 2. They both have similiar symptoms. I have numbness in legs was just one now it’s both & Lower down into my feet and toes. Blurry vision occasionally. Excessive thirst. Pee all the time and always hungry, sometimes for sweets, bread and then salty foods. There may be more symptoms, but is there anyone out there that could give me a heads up maybe you went through this before or now? I know my doc will figure it out and tell me but until then. I’m going crazy wondering if I can start doing something now to fix this.
Thank you!!!

hi.. i am glad you have your doctors appt soon.. I have not particular heard of fm being the cause of diabetes .In any case it must be treated. If you have to follow the diabetic diet it is actually the healthiest diet out there for anyone.. we have a few diabetics in the family so we had done research on diabetes. I wish you all the best.. HUGGGGGS

Hi Justamom ,I’m also a diabetic. I expect you’re a Type 2 diabetic, Type 1 is usually someone who became diabetic as a child. Blurry vision, excessive thirst, peeing all the time are the first symptoms I had many years when I first realized I was diabetic . . Blood sugar levels usually go up and down because of what you’re eating, although other things such as stress may also affect your blood sugar.

Sorry hit the add reply button too soon. I hope you are seeing your doctor soon and that he/she arranges a diabetes education session for you. In the meantime you may want to be sure you eat properly and regularly. And test your blood before and about an hour after you eat. This will give you an idea as to what is happening. It’s possible those sweets and bread (turns into sugar) are raising your blood sugar and then you crash a few hours later, that happens to me when I eat to much sugar or simple carbs />
You might want to make a list of what’s happening and track the food you’re eating and blood sugar levels.

Take care


Thank you b2chi I go tomorrow for blood work. My levels this week keep going up and down. I can feel it when they are high and low. I don’t know what to do when they are high 200 this week, but I eat when they are low. Any advice for high levels?

Hi Justamom, I’m on insulin now so I just take more insulin. Prior to that I would exercise (not to strenuous it can also raise your blood sugar) or go for a walk. Watch simple carbs (crackers, breadetc)as they can raise your blood sugar for a while and then it bottoms out. and drink more water (don’t overdo it either) but it may help flush the sugar out of your body. Watch what you eat really carefully, fruit may be good for us but it also has sugar. Also try to relax unfortunately anxiousness and stress can also raise blood sugar.

And yes it is easier to give advise than take it myself ; it just dawned on me I’m not doing very well on some of these things myself! It really is important that you control your blood sugar. I have diabetic retinology now which causes major vision problems, however I’ve also been a diabetic for over 30 years and medicine has improved considerably in the last 15 years so don’t let that scare you.

It is something that can be managed even better than ever, you just need to get the right information from your doctor or a nurse that is well versed on this disease.

I had to look up your blood sugar levels since ours are different (your 18=4.7 I our measurements, and if you went much lower you’d be hypoglycemic. Eating is the right response this is when you want that little bit of sugar.

Hope this helps until you can see your doctor. Take care

Hugs, B2chi

What is 18=4.7

I just took my sugar and it’s 189. After I ate at 4 dinner… A lttle steak, potatoes and green beans I took it at 7 it was 170. Now 189. I’ve only had water and soft pretzels bites (5) around 8.


My legs are numb… Lower part calves into shins.

I take cymbalta and lyrica. I know fibro doesn’t cause diabetes I’m sure this is just all separate illnesses. I’m so glad to be able to talk to someone here ABout the diabetes too.

Also I don’t exercise. I have no energy after I get home. But I do work and I am on my feet for 4 hours straight teaching and running around

I am also diabetic. I was diagnosed a year after finding out i have Fibro. Watch your carb intake because carbs turn into sugar and will spike your blood sugars. There are many lists you can find on eating the good carbs and limiting the bad. I hope your MD appointment goes well !