Hey all, just wondering if anyone else has dizzy spells that last for hours. It is awful...and I am wondering if this is yet another symptom of Fibro or should I get it checked out.

Hello Angela M,

Personally, I have not experienced this. Not to say that it is not a Fibro symptom, others may have. If it is a new thing I would urge you to get it checked out. Wish you well, and let us know how you get on.

Take care, Anne

Hi.I have a lot of neurological issues and dizziness is one of them but I don’t know exactly what is causing them . dizziness can be caused by many things so I strongly suggest you get this checked out by a doctor. One can not attribute everything to FM so it is wise and prudent to see a doctor . perhaps the dizziness you are experiencing is something that needs treatment. All the best

Thanks I am thinking the same...i am a bit worried. I will let you know

Yes i get dizzy too.Not sure why but i get dizzy spells and faint.Though it could be because of my heart condition.

Hi Angela,

Actually dizziness is common with fibromyalgia, but to be safe, I would still get it checked out. I myself have been suffering from horrible dizzy spells and vertigo for the last 15 years. There are over 150 crazy symptoms that can be associated with fibromyalgia, and that just makes it more confusing and scary.

My dizziness gets worse if I over exert myself, or if I do not get enough sleep, and just taking a shower can trigger my spells, even if I take a luke warm shower. Sometimes If I chew ginger gum, or wear sea band bracelets it helps. Also it is a good idea to make sure you drink extra water during the day. People with fibromyalgia get dehydrated easily, and just being a little dehydrated can cause dizziness.


But please get it checked out as it could be unrelated to FM

I am trying to get in to see my Dr. Will let you all know what takes place

Well just an update …I did see a Dr. A couple of days ago…after countless tests and several blood pressure checks she could find nothing wrong…she suspects it is a major fibro flare…it was quite a relief … the dizziness has eased off…so I am doing better…just knowing

I am glad that the dizziness has decreased, usually I find that with a horrible flare up I become extremely hot, disoriented and dizzy. When I get lightheaded along with these symptoms I know it is time to take it easy.
Sometimes medications can also cause dizziness, I experienced that sensation a lot more frequently when I was taking Cymbalta. Just a thought.

Blessings and prayers