Dizziness and fibro flare

Does anyone else experience dizziness with their fibro? I’ve been dizzy for two days and today I am experiencing a flare up of pain and stiffness. Just wondering if others have had that happen before.


Yes, I do sometimes.

But I get off balance too, frequently because of my hips and back hurting so much.

I get a lot of strange looks, like I've been drinking or something. ;)

Hi Laurie,
Yes I have had brief dizzy spells and frequently lose my balance. If it’s constant or very frequent you should probably check with your doctor… Hope this gets better for you:)
Blessings, Dyana

I do too...watch fast movements ! I teach water fitness on deck and when I'm flaring if I change direction too fast of bend over & come up too fast....the world shifts ! Also, getting up fast from sitting will do the same. Ugh. Sometimes it seems nothing causes the dizziness (standing in Walmart looking at a shelf and whoa!).

Make sure you are hydrated & well rested....dunno what else to recommend.

Same here as the others. Have you started any new medicines? Some of them can cause drowsiness as well as dizziness. The dizziness really is annoying, as I end up having to close my eyes to get rid of it, and that inevitably leads to me falling asleep...

PS: I use a cane when walking and it's saved me from toppling over many a time. Plus, if you look around, you can find some really pretty ones on eBay. Just a thought.

I agree that you should contact your doctor if this keeps on. Better to be safe than sorry.

Hi Laurie. Yes, I have experienced a lot of dizziness. It is so annoying. Sometimes for days or off and on.
Have you had any medication change recently? I tend to be real sensitive to meds. Both starting and stopping meds, or changing doses.
Have you talked to your doc about it?

Hi Laurie,

I am brand new to this sight. I found this site yesterday while researching fibro and dizziness. I have experienced the dizziness before. Sometimes it last a very short period of time and is tolerable or it lasts a few days. I had to stay down most of the day yesterday cause every time I got up, I began leaning left and would become completely off kilter. Even though that is not funny, I had to laugh because it is another fibro symptom. There are so many!!!!!!

Coping with this condition is very difficult. I can handle the pain, the fatigue, etc., but for me the most difficult thing is the lack of understanding by the "normal" people. Oh, I understand they don't get it because no one could who does not have fibro. I try not to be a whiny cry baby but sometimes........