Dizziness now

well now this year I am starting to have dizzy spells. they are really rough. my husband means well but told me I needed to walk to get over them. I saw where fibro people are actually passing out from these at times. I just hope they go away but I don’t agree with my husband. his answer to me when I talk about anything i’m going through is usually to walk. i’m also sick to my stomach a lot now and that’s new too. i’m getting very frustrated. I want to walk and get in shape I really do. why can’t people see that? there are so many problems that I have and still I get this attitude from people that it’s not that bad. I need prayers from all you believers. my husband said I didn’t even have fibro in an argument we had in front of his mother the other day. I think he really believes that now.

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Awww Jenni you are just having it rough all around. :frowning: I’m so sorry. I personally don’t get dizzy spells. I know if I was dizzy I wouldn’t be walking around, that’s the last thing you do. Perhaps he looked it up on the internet and it does say walking is good for fibro which it is but not during a dizzy spell. Another medication I’m on for my nausea is Zofran. It works WONDERS for your stomach. I also want to walk and get in shape too. How can people tell you it’s not that bad when they don’t have what you have? Say do you have fibromyalgia? No, so back off LOL I’m sorry about what your husband said. There are articles all over the internet that talk about fibromyalgia. Tell him I said he should be ashamed of himself. If he truly loves you he should believe you. I believe you!


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Wow Jennie. I’m so sorry you don’t have your family’s support. If I’m stepping out of bounds let me know. One of the ways I educated my family was to get my hands on lots of literature and just left it lying around. When I say lots, I mean lots!! I don’t have any dizziness but I do have the nausea and sometimes my gag reflex is on overdrive. I feel for you. I am right now praying for your family to understand and for you, strength to handle what may come❤️


I’m sorry you’re having dizziness. Have you been to a doccto be sure it’s your fibro? I’m just thinking it could be inner ear or something else causing it and you might be able to get some relief? Hoping for the best!

Hi Jenni,
Sorry you are having dizzy spells and sorry your husbands answer is to walk ot off. I agree with the others walking & dizziness is a bad combination.
Idk how much your husband knows about fibro but mine didn’t know a darn thing. Well i take that back, he knew i had it and i see a specialist & my PCP for it & i take alot of medications for it and thats all he knew.
So that being said one day at dinner i asked him if he knew what fibro was and he said no. So I started telling him the signs & symptoms of fibro and he was speechless. And as i learn more about fibro and as my symptoms get worse i tell him too so we learn together.
He’s not perfect there are times I sense he gets frustrated with me bc i complain about my pain and exhaustion so then i just put on my “out in public face” aka “smile & fake being well”
Its hard for someone who doesn’t have fibro to fully understand so we need to try and help them understand.
Good luck and God Bless!

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Jenny I am sorry you are suffering please see a doctor about your dizziness and since your husband is so disbelieving why don,t you take him to the doctor with you,and in front of him tell the doctor that your husband does not believe you and can he explain it a bit to him. Best wishes.

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I get some dizziness but usually only with barometric changes…if the barometer is steady its gone…

But like the others say, get it checked, because the inner ear is tricky and cn easily get off balance, and with fibro we are very sensitive to every change

There were many suspected reasons for about 7 0r 8 differing kinds of fibro…i have a genetic form where many family members have it or had it

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Hi Jennifer I’m sorry that u r dizzy but I came down with vertigo a couple of years ago and it was horrible being dizzy is terrible u might have it but u have to go to the doctor and boy did it help and I’m sorry about the support I’m sure it was a man thing people that don’t have fibromyalgia just don’t understand I don’t have a great support system either my husband tries and thinks that iif something works for someone then it should work for me I’ve tried a lot of things boy a lot pain pills right now r helping me but I know because some people who are abusing them they will be taking them away from me and I’m scared because it helps me right now to get through the day I only take what he prescribes to me and would never share because I need them but I hope u go to the doctor to help you with the dizziness I would say God bless but I have lost hope in that also can’t believe God would give me or anyone else this much pain but anyways that’s a whole new subject so hope u have a good day!!!

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fortunately for me the dizziness has subsided I believe with a lot of prayer. I also have another symptom that has cleared up almost completely. but I still suffer from this illness. I had found a list of all the possible things that could happen to someone with fibro. I showed it to my husband and although he didn’t act moved by any of it he did say he sees a lot of them in me also. I also wrote him a letter once not too long ago and tried to explain things to him. he has told me that I basically need to suck it up and move on with my life. told me the story of his father and what he went through losing his leg and how he kept himself through it all. it’s just not the same to me. but anyway. don’t give up on God kittyboo. there are many trials in this life for us.

Hi Jenni, first of all I want to say I am so sorry for the hurtful things you have been told by your husband. It is bad enough to be struggling with your health and then to feel like what you are going through is not valid, because it is completely. I will be praying that God gives him a perspective into your life and shows him how he can encourage and uplift you. Also, I experience dizzy spells a lot. I have not found walking to be very helpful when I experience dizziness, what helps the most for me is laying down or sitting if laying is not an option. If you are currently taking any medications for fibro I do know that it can make the dizziness worse, that was the case for me when my doctor put me on soma.
Hang in there. If you ever need anyone to talk to you can always send me a message.

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Hi Jenni, I get dizzy spells when I have pushed myself too much by doing too much in one day and not resting enough. My dizziness got so bad one day I ended up in hospital because the room was spinning for hours and I was throwing up.

I now learned that if I start to get a headache or my symptoms flare up, I need to stop and rest. Otherwise I push myself to dizziness. For me, if I want to get in shape I just eat less rather than exercise more because being more active aggravates my symptoms.

I hope this helps, even if just to know that another fibro sufferer has to deal with dizziness. I was wrongly diagnosed with middle ear and other conditions years ago. They treated me for the wrong thing with no results. Now I know it’s due to fibro. My food intolerances also contribute to dizziness if I eat the wrong things.

Hope your hubby starts to understand a bit more. You are in my prayers Jenni.

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Hi jenni, l wome up spinning a couple of years ago was in the hospital. Then had vestibule therapy said they think its inner ears crystals out of place. Then I was told it’s due to migraines as well. Was doing the Epley manuver. The constant spinning went away but I cant look up or down or lay flat. So of course sleeping is tough! And no more yoga. Everytime I complain or bring something up my husband says you should go to the doctor! It makes me upset I do go to so many doctors I just want compassion. So I understand how you must be feeling. Also I take at ivan or xanax for severe nausea when zofran doesn’t work!$

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Speaking as someone who has been dealing with neurologically complicated migraines for 30 years I can agree that veritgo can be a part of migraine, but, they also tend to be very specific.

You could be having a vestibular migraine if:

  • You have migraines or had them in the past.
  • You have at least 5 episodes of vertigo that make you feel like you are spinning or moving. This isn’t the same as motion sickness or feeling faint.
  • These feelings last between 5 minutes to 72 hours.
  • Your symptoms are moderate to severe. That means they stop you from doing everyday tasks or they’re so bad you can’t do anything at all.
  • At least half of the episodes happen with one of the following migraine symptoms:
    • A headache that has two of these characteristics: is one-sided, pulsing, moderate to severe, or gets worse with activity
    • Sensitivity to light or sound
    • Seeing shimmering or flashing lights in your vision (a migraine aura)

It doesn’t sound like you’re really connecting to any of these things, other than dizziness itself. Also, to be part of migraine the typical sufferer is a woman over 40 with a history of migraine.

Here’s a great article on vertigo in general:


yes I do not have migraines. I still have it off and on

I had a ridiculous dizzy spell last week, thankfully at a doctor’s office and after I got out of the car. I’m new to this fibro thing and it never occurred to me that it would be from fibro. I’m so sorry that your family is not supporting you. You should bring him to your doctor appointments (if you feel comfortable doing that) so he can hear all of this from the professionals.

Thank you for posting this thread. You really helped me.


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I woke up in the middle of the night spinning couldn’t walk had nausea and vomiting went to the er stayed over night and was told I possibly have BPV. Benign Positional Vertigo. Had physical therapy for this using the Epley maneuver. This was 2 years ago, it did get a lot less severe but I still cant look up or down without almost getting dizzy and starting to spin. Neurologist put me on [Amitriptyline] thought it may be migraine related. Nothing worked! This was before my Fibro diagnosis. It’s so frustrating and anxiety provoking to have other people understand what is going on. I realized I’m always saying I’m nauseous! I do have literature about fibro and made my husband watch a video. Will see if that helps. Hang in there!

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