Vertigo...anyone else?

Hello. So like many of us, after a load of testing, labs, mris, etc I got diagnosed with Fibro last June. Soon after diagnosed I had a Vertigo event (dizziness and spinning feeling), had a brain mri and all came back OK.

Just recently I got another Vertigo episode, and I am still dealing with the “hangiver” feeling that it leaves. I wanted to know if others also deal with Vertigo and if there are any tips for coping. Thank you in advance for any feedback and tips.

I get vertigo and i mentioned it to my dr.He said in my case its low blood pressure.Which i think is wrong because im on a med for high blood pressure.I find lying down is the only thing that helps me when i get it

Hi, unfortunately I have experienced vertigo since my first brain injury in 1990. It is sometimes so bad that I feel as though the bed will throw me off. I have had balance training from a couple different PT's, and have found out for me meclizine does offer me relief most days. But as with all other symptoms I have, some days it works, some days it does not. Best of luck with this symptom. What works for one, may not work for another. Blessings!

I experience dizziness and just feeling off kilter all the time. I think it’s from the meds. I’m on lyrica and vistral at night. Fibro fog it sucks, sometimes I can’t even remember words. Hang in there :heart:

I think the question will end up being, "is there any of us with FMS that have NOT experienced vertigo! The answer is I absolutely deal with vertigo among many other symptoms. Many of us are what is called "lazy breathers." I've talked to many who sit very sit so they pain remains a minimum. The worst thing we can do. Once an hour doing breathing exercises. Slowly breathe in and out several times, at least 5 times. Rather than taking what works for me, look up yoga breath. It will teach you how to breathe. It will work. Just remember to do it sitting down, please! Best of luck to you. We all learn from one another, and I've learned many things from my fibro friends. (((((gentle hugs))))))))

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Hey Jess,

I recently went for a consultation at Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, FL and the nurse for my fibro consultation told me that fibro triggers autonomic responses. I get vertigo quite often, as well as rapid heartbeats, and other fun stuff. I’m not positive that’s what is going on with you but that could be what it is. I’m supposed to go to a 2-day clinic to learn all about fibro, I’ll post everything I find out including how to cope with various symptoms like vertigo.

My vertigo is so bad that I am currently on Fmla for it. I also have a lot of issues with balance. It's weird I have had fibro for over ten years and never had any of this before. Due to the spasm and balance issues I have to take more tests. I use both a walker and a cane now to get around when I walk, other times I have to have assistance with my mother and sister. All I can say is no two days are ever the same. So, maybe ask your doctor for physical therapy for the vertigo, that helps a lot. They show you how to control it better, if you or anyone happen to come across anything that helps with falls and spasms please let me know. Until then just take it one day at a time. You are in my prayers.

I developed vertigo about a year and a half ago. True vertigo is the room spinning around and around, not just dizziness. It usually occurs when changing head position. Sometimes you will also get nystagmus , which is the eyes jerking to one side. Vertigo is not related to fibromyalgia.

Since your brain MRI ruled out any issues there, you most likely have the vertigo from your inner ear malfunctioning. Sometimes it can be an inner ear virus, but most likely it is BPPV. These initials stand for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. BPPV occurs when tiny calcium particles (canaliths) clump up in canals of the inner ear. The inner ear sends signals to the brain about head and body movements relative to gravity. It helps you keep your balance. (Last sentence adapted from WebMD.)
No one really knows why the calcium particles break loose, the older you get the more likely this is to happen.

During an attack, you can take Meclizine, an anti-nausea med rx you need to get from your doctor. You can also go get a “canalith repositioning”, which is a head maneuver designed to get those calcium particles back where they belong. An MD usually does this, an internist trained in procedure, or neurologist. You might even find a physical therapist who knows how to do this.

Obviously you can’t drive if you are having an attack, which can last for days, weeks or months. Be careful you don’t fall. You might need to stay in bad if it’s bad, and have someone nearby in case you do fall. Usually the attack will resolve by itself but if it lasts for more than a few days then you should get the head maneuver. Hope this helps.

So I wanted to share my personal experience. Everyone is different. My first attack occurred when I rolled over in bed to my right side. All of a sudden the room was spinning wildly round and round to the right and my eyes were jerking to the left. For the next two weeks I had attacks on and off, always precipitated by a head movement, usually to the left. I didn’t dare drive as if I had one during driving I would go off the road and crash (think of how much you have to turn your head while driving!) I got an rx for Meclizine but it didn’t help much. I was seen in Urgentcare and diagnosed with BPPV. I got an appointment with a specialist MD for the head maneuver but couldn’t get in for two weeks. The day before the appointment, the vertigo went away.

Since then I’ve had a couple brief, minor episodes that only lasted a few days. But I had one other major episode that again lasted two weeks. I could only lie on my left side as if I rolled to the right then the room began spinning. It would also be triggered by putting my head back (like washing hair in shower) or just getting up and down. I kept my cell in my pocket while doing chores in case I fell, also had friends check in with me before and after doing outside chores. I was worried about falling and hitting my head on concrete or breaking a bone. I didn’t drive for two weeks.

During this major attack, I DID have a fall due to a sudden bout of vertigo. It is called a “drop attack.” I looked in a mirror and suddenly the room was spinning so severely that I grabbed onto a wooden vanity. I felt like the vanity was falling on top of me. In reality, it didn’t move but my new vanity ended up with some deep scratches; it did break my fall and stopped me from hitting my head on tub. The vertigo stopped right after that, I think the calcium particles moving back into the right place caused the drop attack.

For the past few months I’ve only had a few seconds of vertigo, once at hair dressers (putting head back into wash bowl) and once getting into position for a hip MRI (leaning head back while getting into position.) Also while washing hair in shower, putting head back to rinse.

Once you get BPPV, it’s not unusual to get it again. Crossing my fingers for the both of us!

I too have fibro and I often feel lightheaded. I also have what they call "brain fog" where my whole head feels foggy. I do get dizzy also, especially when I get up too fast from a sitting position or when I look up. I don't have it all the time-it comes and goes. I just attribute it to the fibro.

Hi Jess,

I have Vertigo and they did a procedure to me that has helpped. I hate having Vertigo and I slept so much that my doctor sent me to the ER. They did a brain scan and then an MRI. After all came back normal, they sent me to PT. Yes, PT. There they did a procedure on me. Here’s a link you can review:

Good luck and I know this is just another item on the list.

Let me know how you make out.


You are not alone, by any means, I suffer from chronic vertigo, one attack lasted 9 months for me! It was brutal!. Now I know my triggers tho, so I can keep it at bay for the most part.

I have had that feeling too mostly when lying down or sitting up. It comes and goes.

I've had positional vertigo for about 7 years and FMS for just over 3. I was put on Betahistine which worked well for me. I also was shown a technique to help relieve the symptoms. I forget what it's called. The first episode I had was awful. I couldn't even sit up. I had to remain on my left side for 3 days before I could walk upright without my world spinning. The second one I had, last year, was much less severe but still took a few days to go away. It is actually an issue with the inner ear canals and granules which get displaced.

Today was the first time I have vertigo like this.

I thought it was from having been glutened. I was also having migraine type visual auras, but never got the headache.

Hi Jess -

I haven't been formally diagnosed with it, but I have felt that way and I also have had an MRI that came back OK. I didn't get extra dizzy while I was on Lyrica, but I have friends who have pretty severe vertigo as a side effect of Lyrica. I get this often when I first stand up, but other times it comes on for no apparent reason at all. I sometimes fall because of it. I try to stand up - stay standing still for a bit - and then try walking. Just standing right up and walking immediately seems to just lead to more falls for me.


Know what your dealing with. My hubby has it bad. So bad it takes him a few days to get over it. Here is how he manages it. First he stopped using anything with caffeine. And he drinks a cup of ginger tea , one in the morning and one at night. He has not had an attack since Nov. 1. Before that he had three or four attacks a month. Sure hope this will help you in some way.



Hi Jess: I have experienced Vertigo and really? it does leave you in a whirl wind when it hits's like being on a fast merry-go-round...and you want to get off NOW!!! I haven't had them for a while but when they did hit me the doctor gave me a medication called "Cerc" now i could be wrong about the name as this happened many years ago...

It was so scary and i forgot what the heck set it off!......I do remember one time when i was visiting my adoptive mom in Oakville..that i had an episode and couldn't stop falling down! oh i felt so bad and i said to her that i am having the dizzies and spins and i think that it's i had to try and go lay down....

Now here's a pretty good site with lots of information to give you an overview on this topic


Hope it helps with your vertigo episodes...

Take Care, Patricia Gooderham

I was going to say what Queenpink has pointed out...often it is low blood pressure. You might get cuff and take your BP before standing up to make sure you are in safe area.

I have friend in his 20's with very low blood pressure and this is negative side effect of having low bp...sometimes when he stands he either gets dizzy or will fall down again! No, you should not be doing that so please tell your doctor.

I have had some meds cause this side effect so might be from your medication. Can be more than few things ..lyrica did do it to me and even got so bad i was vomiting on it due to dizziness etc.

tell your doctor asap about this and they should lower your dose. My father did same thing after a time on his high bp med and he just had to cut dosage down...all was fine. so please give your doc a call as this is very common with those on BP medicine.

Sure you know too since you had high bp is dizziness and vertigo like symptoms can be symptoms of high blood always have your blood pressure checked if you have this often....once a day or more than few times per week.

Queenpink said:

I get vertigo and i mentioned it to my dr.He said in my case its low blood pressure.Which i think is wrong because im on a med for high blood pressure.I find lying down is the only thing that helps me when i get it