Hi everyone, I was wondering weather many people with fibromyalgia suffer from dizziness. I have been to the doctors quite a few times asking about my dizziness my blood pressure is ok and the dizziness seems to be something that comes and goes . I might have it for a couple weeks then I won’t have it for a couple a months.

Hi Michelle!

I have dizziness permanently. It's a pain in the bee-hind isn't it? Sometimes I can laugh about it, and so does everyone else. I bump into everything, trip up over fresh air, fall up the stairs, and I faint a lot too. It's defo a fibro thing but, as always with new symptoms, they are best being checked out, just in case.

Does certain noises make your head go "funny" too? My dads voice is one of them lol. Also the washing machine and definitely busy pubs / bars.


Hi Jo, thanks for replying I am sorry to here you have dizziness all the time, I think it is bad enough having when I do never mind having all the time . I was walking around the yard this afternoon and I just kept getting dizzy, but eventually it passes , it seems to happen to me when I am stressed . Michelle

Hi Michelle,

I have dizziness, vertigo, balance issues, bump into walls, uncoordinated. It seems to get worse when I am tired or have overdone it. I went to an ENT yesterday and I am going back on Monday to have some tests that will determine what is causing all this. The doc said that there are different types of dizziness and different treatments. He said that the underlying condition can be fibro, MS (which they are looking at in my case), or something else. I am sorry that I can’t remember the names of the tests and my husband through away my brochure! It is worth looking into seeing an ENT cuz they can then at least treat the symptoms and maybe get you some relief cuz it sucks to be dizzy all the time. I even get waves of it when I am lying down!

Good luck! MB

Then you need to stay out of those pubs! Maybe you are falling up the stairs cuz you had one pint too many! LMAO

Hi Michelle, yep like you I have dizzy issues. I’m not always dizzy bur I also have bad coordination, super bad balance, like I can trip standing still or walking over a flat floor. I am also very clumsy and it’s easy for me to drop things. I do remember. Time when it wasn’t like this for me. Hope i helped with your question.

It's ok. Just letting you know you're not alone. It's defo down to stress, as well as severe pain, and also the weather sometimes.

Hahahahha... How did you know? Do you work at the kebab shop? lmao

You bladdy better not have MS!! No no way!

They should refer you to AA really. lol. You should tell them the truth. Good job you know I'm only messing... lol. While I'm being cheeky (and hopefully getting away with it) tell your hubby to do his job properly lmao

ENT sounds right because balance has something to do with the middle ear doesn't it? (Ha ha that doesn't sound right but it is isn't it?) Your better of listening to a specialist than me any day of the week. I might be free but I'm pretty useless lol

Hi Jo, just came from a meeting. Had to squash that urge to down a few. LOL it’s a wonder all of us aren’t alcoholics from all the stress. My brother in law died from a drug overdose. He was on a lot of painkillers his whole life due to some back problems and he mixed them with the wrong things like alcohol, Benadryl and cocaine. But, being in pain and feeling bad all the time like I have, I realize why people would resort to drugs and alcohol because it is a horrible thing to live with.

I am really scared of having MS. I know you don’t die from it but sometimes I think I’d rather be dead than be crippled. I am too used to being so, so active and just taking life by the horns and going for it. I guess I will have to deal with it because only God knows when and how I will go and he has a plan for me. I just wish he would clue me in on that plan!

Joke of the day:

You know you’re a redneck when you let your 12 year old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids. LMAO

About the ENT- he said there are so many different things that cause dizziness. Some could be ear related, some could be the way your brain processes different signals, some could be related to your muscular structure and how you hold yourself, blah, blah, blah… Just another excuse to run more tests! But those all make sense and it makes sense that they would be treated differently.

My hubby doing his job? Fath chance of that. LOL I have to give him credit cuz he tries but I am the strong one and he just kinda looks helpless with all this. Men are such wussies!

Nothing wrong with chugging lol. I've hit the cake again today. Too much stress!

Sh.. sorry about your brother in law. That's real sad, and yeah I know what you mean.

Fingers crossed the dizziness is "just fibro" then, like that means you would be so lucky, NOT! I swear everyone who doesn't know me thinks I'm off my head when they see me. Well, I am, but not on "real drugs".

Omg thats so funny! Those redneck jokes crack me up. Esp when my bf/ex sounds like one and has dip stuck all round his gob. So sexy! lol. I can't flipping remember the ones I heard tho. Whack some on your "funnies discussion" pretty please with chocolate on top...

hi, i have had fibro for 29 years and i remember all the dizzy spells that I went through for a few years on and off but at first Isaw spwcialists and told me finally that i had recurrent vestibalapathy and that would go on and on and then i would stand to eat dinner and the kids would say..you are going side to side and it has gone and on like this throughout all of Fibro and i still get it where I feel like my neck won't hold my head up,room not spinning but i feel like I am and loss of balance with it,unsteadiness in gait and just comes and goes all the time and I have seen neuralogist specialist and finally the doctors at university hospital in London,ont diagnosed the Fibro and all the many symptoms that go with it and Dizziness is one of them along with many.many more...awful way to live but we have to keep going....soft hugs

I do too. I run into walls, stumble backwards, forwards, fall, drop things. It is so much fun. I was finally prescribed a cane. I do much better. I do everything but fall now. Toodles.

Dip is sooooooooo nasty. I live in redneck country. You should see some of the things I see! Ugh

I think it goes along with our klutziness in general. If we don't take our meds, rest and so forth we are more likely to fall or get dizzy or run into something.

If its not one thing, its another with us, huh?

Oh yes.....def have dizzy spells far too often. The worst time is when I'm 'trying' to have a shower..I say 'trying' b/c I have to get out of the shower before I fall down thus I never really feel super cleansed. I resorted to getting a bath chair to sit on whilst showering but even then I can fall off of it. Other times I apparently am staggering...this has been brought to my attention by someone hinting I've been 'hitting the bottle'. Nope!! I've had every test my Dr. could think of..all normal...so he says it's the Fibro causing the dizzy spells. First I feel disorientated...then comes the dizzies that sometimes seem to take FOREVER to go away. If it happens at home I just lie down for awhile but if in public place, I quickly find a wall or 'whatever' to lean against.

Curse the dreaded Fibro......aargh.

Yes, Jackie, sometimes you think you're stll moving and you're not. Then other times you think you are still and you're swaying.

Does anyone get that thing when you're walking and your sight "bounces" with each step? That is unsettling too.

Some people spend a lot of money to get these effects from drinking etc and we get it for free! lol. But we also have an awful fibro hangover in the morning too... Can't we win just for once please?

Oh yeah, yupppers, yes! Yes, yes and YES!

I'm not sure if it was from the Lyrica that I'd just started or the fibro but for awhile there I could barely stand up straight. I picked up my mother from the airport and I swear it, I was leaning over sideways, clutching my cane. I looked worse than she did, and she's 82!

I still get the dizziness sometimes. I find that if I'm on a tilted hill, I get it. Also if I'm moving quickly and turn round suddenly. And sometimes I get a bad fit of it and then just as quickly, it's gone. I have NO idea what dizziness has to do with nerves being overloaded with pain signals.

Jo, I know some people are sensitive to sound. It bothers me when the tv or music is too loud (it always seems to be anymore.) But I've never heard of being sensitive to voices. That's quite odd! I guess it's one way that you could get out of doing what your father asks. "Sorry Dad, but I'm allergic to your voice!"