Has anyone gotten dizziness with Fibro?

I have had dizziness going on for months now. I spoke with my doctor who sent me to be tested for vertigo but that was negative. It is becoming a scary thing as I get dizzy in the shower and nearly fall down. (that is all I would need on top of all my other symptoms) I have a almost fell going down stairs and I am very unsteady on my feet and am glad that I have already been using a cane, it does give me peace of mind. I just started getting dizzy this year and I am beginning to think it is the fibro doing this. Anyone else have this problem? I would appreciate any input. Thanks! Elaine

Hi again ElaineVT49 - it’s GoLightly again! I’m new to the board, so perhaps a little over-eager. :slight_smile:

I get dizzy as well, but I didn’t connect it to fibromyalgia. I thought it was because of sleep deprivation (I don’t sleep well due to pain). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen against a wall while walking through the apartment. Perhaps I am subconsciously trying to create an open-concept apartment.

Is anyone else experiencing dizziness? I’d also like to know if there’s a connection.


Yes, when I 1st developed FM, I was dizzy and tipsy all the time. I could not go into gift shops or antique stores without my husband holding on to me. This has passed with time. I really believe the central nervous system goes haywire when you first develop FM/CFS. Take your cell phone EveryWhere. To the shower, bathroom, walking the dog, whatever. Call 911, if you need help.

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I do but I don’t know if it’s from fibro or from meds.

Hi There, I have also experienced dizziness and some vertigo with my fibro. Always, make sure you get tested for Lyme Disease, as this can be a symptom of that as well. I always blamed my vertigo on my allergies and meds, but from what I hear, fibro causes it too. Best to you!

Vertigo is sometimes a problem for me as well, but may be more a function of sinus pressure and drainage problems rather than the fibro. The vertigo seems to come on for a few days, and then next week i will be sick with a cold or something.

I have exercises from the doctor to help get my ears and eyes back into synchronicity and after a few days the vertigo is solved.

ranselmo49, the exercises your doctor gave you, what were they?

A friend of mine, who has been battling cancer, told me that dizziness can be caused by physical inactivity. I’ve looked into it and apparently this is true. As fibro sufferers, I suppose we’re more likely to be inactive and this can lead to dizziness. (?)

Yes i also notice the less active i am, the more unsteady my balance and the less i am able.

The exercises are called Cawthorne Head Exercises or Cawthorne’s Vestibular Exercises. They really do help me.

You can Google them i am sure for complete details but had better discuss with your doctor in case there may be a reason you should not try.

Good luck to you and your friend! :turtle:

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I have gotten vertigo on and off over the past 5 years. Right now I am trying to sleep with my head elevated as I was told to do today. I went in for vestibular therapy and had a few Epley Manuvers done. They said this time it is posterior canals both sides and possibly anterior too. I am so nauseated I must have consumed 5 boxes of mi I saltines in the past few days. This is horrible I never know what flare up will happen from my knees swelling to migraines or my auto immune stuff. My husband’s out of town on a golf/business trip. He sends me text how are you better? I want to cry and say I "m never better. When I feel like I’m finally doing something and participating in life and social activities the ball drops and I back in bed or something. I am so glad I am alone right now. I’m so sick of people asking if I’m better or did I sleep well!! I am good at hiding pain and telling people I’ll be fine. The only thing that helps with the nausea is Xanax. I. Suppose to do the Epley manuver at home but its scary its not like light headed its spinning fast until the crystals in the canal settle. Back to Vestibular therapy next week. Thanks for letting me vent it’s now 4:30 am… yuk

I’m sorry you’re in such a bad space. I haven’t had dizziness with fibro except when starting gabapentin or lyrica. I stopped taking both. It sounds like you’ve got something else going on, but of course, I’m no doctor! All I can offer is gentle hugs! Keep us posted! :heart:

Yes, I too get a little vertigo from time to time, and because my doctor feels that I don’t need to be on anything, I don’t think it’s a med. side effect. Fibro is a haywire central nervous system and brain thing. This is why I always ask people if they have had any head or spinal injuries, and I have had both. I hope you return a response to that question. I’m doing my best to get at the root of the situation and to demand better answers than what seems to be out there for us.

Hi, you might be experiencing low blood pressure that is making you dizzy. Your doctor cal take your blood pressure lying down, then sitting, then standing to see if this is why you are dizzy. I know my blood pressure drops significantly when I’m sitting then get up to stand. Just a thought.

Thanks Freedom,
My blood pressure is ok. My dizziness is actual spinning if i move my head or bend over or lay down in a certain way it’d like being on a carnival spinning ride and when it stops your world keeps spinning. Benign Proximal Positional Vertigo.
It’s the nausea that’s the worst…

Hi yes I have been diagnosed with BPPV… head spinning… falling… tripping… had the Eply Manoeuvre done… seems alot better… I think this is a symptom of fibro x


Hi there Elaine, I too experience dizziness(have fallen in shower and down our basement stairs and more) lightheadedness when standing up , vertigo especially in the shower when I close my eyes. And I have occasional fainting spells. The latest new addition to these has been what some describe as psuedo seizures… Very scary. I understand your concerns with falling and encourage you to take precautions. I’m curious as to what your Dr. Had attributed your symptoms to? Was it fibromyalgia?

I have horrible syncopy. The other night my blood pressure dropped to 85/45. I passed out of course. I believe it is definitely part of the Fibro symptoms.