Sunflower needs our help!

Our dear friend Jen aka Sunflower has not been well, she was just starting to get the new group LYME DISEASE going and became very ill. Can everyone lend a hand and join and post a discussion or respond to one, and just keep an eye out, just a few moments of your day to help her get this site going and make sure it is 'protected'!

This is a group of such smart, warm, and wonderful people that I could not think of anyone else I would rather ask than all of you! Sunny was always such a great member of our Fibro family, and still is. It is the least we can do for her!

Thanks to all,

Love and hugs,


Thank you - means the world to me, Susan, that you sent this out. I am grateful for all of your support! Hugs to all…

Thank you Angel, and would you drop in and give her a hand with her new group "Lyme Disease'? Please?

Will do all I can for you, Jen! Just get better!

i would love to help too. she will be in my thoughts and prayers. thank you for posting this.

Gotta stick together, girls! and guys!

Allergic has posted some very important additional information on the Lyme support site.

I will but need to have my membership to the group approved first and that probably won't happen while poor Sunny's feeling poorly. It's a Catch-22 situation, SK.

i saw this and sent u an invite i know sk is not feeling to great at the moment

I will sign up right now!

Thanks for your help!

I’m in a scary place, being so sick and having cognitive problems. This disease takes one to four years to achieve remission.

Scott will approve you!

I’m so sry you are going through this, I will certainly help to support your new group, one day at a time, and know we are all thinking about you !
Hugs & blessings & prayers !!

Thanks so much!!

We're here for you, Sunny, there's strength in numbers, especially since our individual strength may be lacking!