The chat room

ok i have seen so many people try to start a chat and no one responds. so i feel i shoud right this.

i love the chat room i have spent count less hours taking to people.

so here is some tips for new comers and anyone who hasnt figured out the chat system. i had some one here help me so i want to help others

1. when u want to chat u should click on who ever u want to talk with, this way a message will appear on their screen along with a small noise to let them know u r interested in talking

2. if u want to just talk with anyone u could just leave a message in the main room and hope some one sees it.

3. when u click on a name it then becomes a privite chat the only one who can see what u type is the person u clicked on so feel free to leave info such as e-mail adresses and phone numbers

4. u can chat with several people at one time. this can become tricky if u cant remember who is saying what. if u do decide to chat with more than one person it will show u who has a message waiting for u but a little red box next to their name. the number in it is how many message they have typed.

5. one thing i try to remember to do when i am done chatting is clear the chat. this can b done by scrolling up to the top and u will see in the right hand corner an opption to clear the chat. the neat thing is that if u dont clear it somehow it saves the chat and u can go back to it the next time that person is on. this option can b tricky if u r like me and use more than one computer,tablet or phone to go on the site. lets say u were chattting on your laptop and then later on your tablet with the same person only the part of the chat that u did on which ever device will show up.

well i hope this helps and many people can enjoy the chat room. the chat room is a great way to get to know people on this site

Good advice, thanks!

Nice post, Eeyoreluver!

Ah bless ya! Good idea. Anything to reduce the fibro fogginess will help.

Thanks so much! Just the other day I noticed that other folks showed up as being online but din’t know how to start or join a chat.

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