The Reason We have Fibro... Lifes lesson too

Do you think the reason we have fibro is because we are too sensitive? It came to me last night.

We have all been through traumas from extreme stress, child abuse, nervous breakdowns, accidents and injurys, and complicated surgeries and some or all of the above.

I'm not saying we're a bunch of wimps, but really that we have all been through some horrendous experiences with are obviously leaving us extremely scarred and sensitive physically, psychologically, emotionaly and spiritually. No wonder we have been left suffering with this awful Fibro!

We all ask ourselves why we have got fibromyalgia and I believe this to be the answer.

It is not our faults or anyone elses in particular, although we can blame our abusers and the causes of our injuries and other trauma. It all contributes I guess in some way.

Many of us also ask ourselves what are we meant to learn from this and what our life lessons are in this incarnation. Well there are many life lessons, but I believe that from having fibromyalgia, we are mainly meant to learn to be strong, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually (and physically as best we can).

I have noticed that many of us, including myself, are too nice and soft on others and take way too much crap. We need to be strong, against the illness, against daily struggles and against hurtful people and situations.

When we have learned to do this I believe that we will be living our new lives with Fibro at it best ever! (And maybe ten times better than our lives before Fibro!)


We're in it TOGETHER!!

Hi Jo,

That makes sense. And to compound things, having fibro causes more stress so it is a never ending cycle. Kinda like when Puss Puss chases his tail! LOL

Hugs, MB

Lol! And he has caught it once (Screeeech!!) Even cats have to learn the hard way...

Hugs back atcha xx

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Caren. It's so sad that we have so much trauma that we end up in this state for the rest of our time. I wish I could take it all away for everyone.

Stay strong Caren, you know where we are if you need us... x

I think we are the type of people who don't handle stress very well. We put on a good front but underneath we are internalizing it all. It probably would make us more susceptible to disease. I admire those who can be "laid back" and never worry, but alot is genetic.

This is a good post, sorry it whizzed past me! Just imagine that! lol!

We have discussed this at length and I do believe that some are predisposed to this. Some know the reason for the pain, like herniated discs, Arthritis, Scoliosis, Stenosis, surgeries, car accidents... If FMS is caused by chronic pain, only some of us know the source of the pain, even knowing the source does not mean we can eliminate the source.

Strength, determination, unity are the very ingredients we need to get through all of this, and throw in a good Rheumatologist and we're on our way!

Wishing everyone WELL,


True, true true SK! Strength in numbers!

Although I really haven't been through traumas from extreme stress, child abuse, nervous breakdowns, accidents / injurys, or complicated surgeries. I have FMS genetically passed down from my mother. As a child I was always told I was a "worry wart" and I can completely relate to your reply. Now I am 22 and I have taught my self to put on a good front and internalize it all... which is what I believe brought on this disease. I admire those who can be "laid back" and never worry also... thankfully my boyfriend of 2 years is that type of person and I feel my "best" (which we all know is not feeling good) when I am around him. It is important to surround yourself in a healthy and supportive environment.

PS my boyfriend recently asked me, " what does anxiety feel like? " ... I was shocked to hear he had never experienced anxiety... being that he is 25 years old and graduated from college... however my only response was.. " just be happy you don't know what it is. Consider yourself blessed."

Hi Autumn,

Thats sad you have it passed down from your mum. Worrying is so easy in this lifetime of stress too. Bottling it up just eats you from the inside too doesn't it.

Your boyfriend sounds like just the person you need, and its interesting that he's not sure what anxiety feels like. I'm sure if you asked him how did he feel going into exams he may get an idea.

And yes, you're right, you need to be around positive and suppportive people. We don't need any grumpy, negative energy around us or unnecessary stress. I often find I have to tell some people to bugger off until they get an attitude transplant.

Well best of luck with everything! You sound like you've got the right environment and personality to deal with this


Hi avenk!

So nice you added your picture! We feel like we get to know you better when we can see you!

I agree about the stress and trauma, it's like it wakes it up from a sleep. Like it was always there, just not awake! Those are just my personal, non professional thoughts anyway!