Hey all!!

I know it has been quite some time since I have been on. School and work have been keeping me busy. Last time I was on the docs were thinking I had lyme disease. I have since found out this isn't the case. I am now going to see a rheumatologist since I haven't seen one in years. I am hoping I can get somewhere as he is the one I saw as a teenager. A few weeks ago I had a small lipoma removed. This is a benign fatty tumor. A few days later I started having a lot of pain in the general area. It was in my low back right by the bone. The skin became very sensitive and felt like I had terrible bruises. The doctor did a CT Scan and I found out I have to bulging discs. I am now on pain medication that I didn't want to be on, muscle relaxers and a pain/anti inflammatory on a daily basis. I see the rheumo next Wednesday and I am thinking it can't come soon enough. I just want to know some answers and feel better. Well that is an update on me. How is everybody else doing???