Trying to start over isn't easy!

Because of the fibro i'm not able to work... So being my husband is the only income we can't keep up with everything:( So we decide we have to file bankruptcy. This hasn't been easy for me. I went from working 14 to 15 hr days in a truck & making money to not working at all. I'm home now dealing with all the calls & the lawyer. My memory isn't holding up very well either. My husband gets frustrated because its hard for me to keep up with it all.. I get so tired and can't sleep from the pain and depression. Sorry don't mean to go on & on guess i just need to vent. Signing up for s.s.d. this week i have no medical right now to see any of my doctors which doesn't help. I hope the process isn't to hard in signing up I feel my plate is overflowing. .. Please pray for me....

i am so sorry to hear about your struggles. i am almost 30 and still living at home due to my fibro. with out my parents i dont know where i would b.

i want to let u know i am in the middle of tring to get disability. u can sign up online. the site allows u to stop and pick up where u left off. so if u cant finish it in one day its ok. i was not able to. it is recomended to try on your own the first cause so many get denied the first time. so i did that and when i got denied i sought out help from a law firm the doesnt collect unless u win. they now take care of evrything it is great.

i will warn u it can take a long time to get to the point where u finally win but they will back date it so that helps. i know with me they r going to back date to close to when i had to stop working. i hope u can get the same. just make sure that what ever law firm u decide if u decide to use one will not charge u unless u win. the one i am with will take out there cost from only my back pay. so just b careful deciding on the right one.

my prayers r with you i wish you the best of luck with disability. also dont feel bad about bankruptcy. my sister had to because of her husband being out of work. he was getting unemployment and they did recieve the link card but i just wasnt enough. i know the choice is a hard one my sister really struggled with the whole idea but they r in a much better place now because she did do it.

Chelae, my prayers are with you. You do what you need to do to survive and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it, and don’t beat yourself up over it. If my mother in law didn’t help us, I would probably be out on the street. My parents won’t help us; in fact, I did go to them and ask for help a year or so ago and my father told me to move, get a real job, and that if my husband wanted to talk to a real man, he could call my father. Needless to say, they didn’t help and I have never asked again. That was also the final straw in the years of emotional abuse I took off my dad. Now I call him on holidays, etc and that is about it. Okay, I really digressed from the topics- sorry.

As far as the lawyer and SSD are concerned, they are legally barred from charging you more than 25% of what you get in back pay. Eeyore is right- do NOT hire a lawyer who wants anything up front. There are plenty of lawyers out there and a few are ethical. LOL

You can vent anytime. I have found that this is a safe place to vent and we all need one of those. Good luck to you. Have a great day.

I will, Chellle. Quite a handful on your plate. I hope you can find a new balance in your life. It surely isn't easy. Not getting enough sleep due to the pain is huge.

Remember, when you apply for disability to include EVERYTHING on your form. Sleep apnea, depression, PTSD, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, ANYTHING that is pertinent. Put a lot of thought into the myriad of illnesses that you have that impact your life negatively and include it on the form.

MDF, wow, I'm sorry about your parents. I know it's hard for some people to accept this illness. It helps to have them come and hear and see the proof. For instance, my mother was with me today and I told her that the nurse practitioner could tell I had fibro just by pressing on my tenderpoints. Also, the sleep study shows the pain we feel.

Thank God for your husband's parents. This isn't an easy illness and it's harder because people are always saying how good we look (ironic, isn't it?)

Thanks for this info, Eyorelover. I'm going to be applying soon too and you've made it a lot easier. Thanks!

Yeah, I hear how good I look because I always put on makeup when I do go out somewhere. I thought about not wearing any and not washing my hair and then people would look at me and ask what the heck is wrong with that girl? But my self esteem is already in the crapper and I don’t want it to get worse!

The lawyer thing and the percentage they can charge only applies to the US.

This is very helpful thank you.. I will def, keep this in mind!

Thank all of you for replying!!! It feels good to know someone understands. You all have such big hearts! I keep all of you in my prayers!

Wow. I'm really impressed with how resourceful you are, Melody, and how helpful your suggestions are. I never would have thought of the sheets for phone calls and it's a great resource. Good to use for keeping track of disability calls too.

Nice one!

Chelle, I hope that things are a little bit better, even if just your frame of mind. One suggestion for you. Maybe tell the people who are calling to stop calling and refer them to your lawyer if you have one. Write a letter to each company and explain your situation and tell them that you are working on resolving the issues. Or, as a last resort, change your phone number and don’t give it out to anyone except those you want to have it. That will keep the bill collectors off you. :). Good luck!